Adopt Crow-Cra To Track
The Potential Client
Boost Sales
Lower Advertising Expense

Crow-Cra optimizes the website faster and increase website online visibility.

Online marketing is very expense and technical, and many businesses cannot afford and understand the basic fundamentals of the digital or online marketing., Inc. always seeks ways to make the digital marketing effective and in-expense. The Crow-Cra is one of the efforts of the, Inc. to provide the targeted leads to a business and increase the conversion rate.

A Crow-Cra is the technology which is developed by the, Inc. to track a customer's geography and its intention of visiting the specific website. By adding this function on the website a business can view every action of the website visitor.


How does Crow-Cra help?


  • The Crow-Cra is inevitable for any business, which increases sales and lower the advertising expense.
  • This technology helps the business owners to target the real time potential customers' who are interested in your products or services now.
  • It helps to improve the contents and guide to add additional function as per the users' requirement in your existing online portal.
  • Crow-Cra provides the instant and constant results to boost sales.
  • A website owner can add Crow-Cra in the website to track the customers' flow, which helps to improve the website contents.