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Makesworth Accountants Helping You Grow

Business Start-up brings with it a significant share of challenges, as well as rewards and Makesworth, can assist your new business to flourish.

New business owners are often confronted with many issues relating to converting their idea or a business scheme into practice and implementation. This will further raise questions on some overwhelming topics about gaining and retaining customers, cash flow management,  business plans, legal and compliance matters about accounts and taxes and various other registration.

Our team of experts will assist you in moving ahead with a step by step guidance on turning your ideas into profit which includes:

  • Provide legal and technical advice on the best form of structure for your
  • Assistance in preparation of business plan, budgets and forecasts and cash flow projections.
  • Keeping your financial position and requirements in mind, provide you with a tailored guidance on how to use it with maximum efficiency.
  • Assistance in an arrangement of finance from reliable sources with the necessary plans and proposal.
  • Establish a healthy professional relationship with the bank.
  • Registration with HMRC and Companies House.
  • Provide Registered Office Address services for your company if required
  • Deal with Company Secretarial matters on your behalf.
  • Provide you with a full range of accounting needs from bookkeeping to final accounts.
  • Assistance in building your professional network as required for various services such as I.T & Computer Professionals, Marketers, Solicitors, Mortgage Advisors, Bankers, Insurance Brokers, Fund Financiers and more.

**Please contact us today for further information**



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uae tax invoice format

Today's Article , we will learn to prepare the TAX Invoice for UAE

  1. The words “Tax Invoice” to be clearly mentioned on the invoice.
  2. The name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Registrant making the supply of goods or services.
  3. Where a Recipient of the supply is a Registrant, the name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Recipient. Purpose of mentioning the details of registrant recipient is to make the recipient eligible for input tax recovery on the basis of tax invoice available.
  4. A sequential Tax Invoice number or a unique number which enables identification of the Tax Invoice and sequence of invoice
  5. The date of issue of the Tax Invoice.
  6. Where the date of invoice is different from date of supply, then mention date of supply.
  7. Brief description of the Goods or Services supplied.
  8. Unit price, the quantity or volume supplied, the rate of Tax and the amount payable expressed in AED for each Good or Service.
  9. Amount of any discount offered.
  10. Gross amount payable expressed in AED.
  11. Tax amount payable expressed in AED together with the rate of exchange applied where the currency is converted from a currency other than the UAE dirham.
  12. Where the invoice relates to a supply under which the Recipient of Goods or Recipient of Services is required to account for Tax, a statement that the Recipient is required to account for Tax, and a reference to the relevant provision of the Decree-Law.

The video will guide you step by step uae tax invoice format guide 

Refer original article : uae tax invoice format

If you are looking for VAT Consultant in dubai , visit AccountingBuzz


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tax credit note format uae

With the recent introduction of VAT in uae , You have to issue several documents like VAT Invoice , VAT Credit and Debit note , etc.  In today's article , I will explain you about how to prepare credit note.

  1. The words “tax credit note” clearly displayed on the invoice
  2. The name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Registrant making the supply
  3. Where a Recipient of Goods or a Recipient of Services is a Registrant, his name, address, and Tax Registration Number;
  4. The date of issuing the Tax Credit Note;
  5. The value of the supply shown on the Tax Invoice, the correct amount of the value of the supply, the difference between those two amounts, and the Tax charged that relates to that difference in AED;
  6. A brief explanation of the circumstances giving rise to the issuing of the Tax Credit Note; and
  7. Information sufficient to identify the supply to which tax Credit Note relates.


Refer Original article : tax credit note format uae

In case you are looking for VAT Consultant in Dubai , you can reach at



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Online Accounting Software

Online accounting is a special service that allows you to keep a full account of the activities of IP and small businesses. This type of accounting is especially popular among those business owners who want to have an idea of ​​what is happening with their finances in real time. In our opinion, online accounting is easy, convenient, reliable, relevant and profitable. Why? Let's explore it more closely.

Online accounting is easy -- If you maintain your accounting in an online service, then you do not need to have special accounting knowledge. You also don’t need to study the specifics of each tax regime, choose your taxation system and keep records only in the corresponding reporting.

Online accounting is developed for the ordinary, non-professional users, so it is characterized by the following:

  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Automatic filling of documents;
  • Hints and examples of filling;
  • Checking prepared reports before sending it;
  • User guide;
  • Answers to common questions and help desk support;
  • Reminders of the deadlines for submission of reports, payment of taxes and other important events;
  • Availability of reference materials;
  • News in the field of accounting and business.

Such programs will not full replace your accounting specialist. They serve to optimize your accounting and give you a live overlook what’s going on. It also helps keeping things in order, store statistic data, manage documentation and make everything clear. The protection of data is similar to the internet banking and payment services. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your financial information. It is stored in the cloud and protected by the developers’ servers.

It is important to understand that online accounting services exist not to replace a professional bookkeeper. But to make it easier for you to work with finance. An online service is a helpful tool to make small business bookkeeping  and manage convenient.



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