How to write an engaging Blog?

Creating an organized and engaging blog is very easy. creating a content feasible to search engine will increase your blog ranking fast.

1-Understand your Audience

The very step is to understand your audience before writing a blog. Targeted audience will specify your topic: the second most important thing.

For whom you are writing for? Is it a business category or describing a specific sales/marketing strategy?

2- Select the Topic

The next step is to select the topic that is attractive and people are searching for it. It will bring you the desired audience.

The process to select a topic to write a blog will take a little research. it means refining a topic will ease the search engine to precise your traffic. For instance, the topic is: “Top beautiful places”/ rather if the topic is “Beautiful places in America” it will be easy for the audience and the search engine to address your statement and the mind of the reader. Refining the topic mean refining your readers.

3- Give an overview in the introduction

An attractive intro means to give a highlight of everything you are going to discuss in the remaining content. It will be easy for a visitor that is it mentioned the point he is looking for, rather expanding he things unknowingly.

4-Organize your research and write an engaging content

Coherence is must in writing. if there is no context and link between the ideas, reader will get boor soon and leave your page to search another blog. stringing sentences is a core point in organizing ideas. Flow of ideas will increase the reader’s interest.


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