Recreational Marijuana Cost Down Forty Percent Last Ten months

With capital flowing quickly into the Cannabis Industry, every segment of the supply chain from grow to retail sales has seen significant growth. Consumers have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of this rapid investment. Some markets have seen the cost of a single pound of marijuana drop by over $1000 in the last year. There are indications that the cost reduction will continue.  


While that is welcome news for cannabis consumers and patients, the investment in technology and facilities have cut into the industry’s profit margins. Competition and operational innovation are sure to thin out the number of businesses operating at every step of the supply chain going forward. Capitalism is alive and well in the Cannabis industry!


As a consumer, has your pocketbook benefited the increased competition in the recreational and medical marijuana business?  

Benefits To Create a Pay Per Click Campaign

Why should you create a Pay Per Click Campaign?


  • Bring instant visitors those are interested to buy your products or services.
  • You can control your budget, and you only pay to visit to your site.
  • You get relevant visitors
  • Contentious presence of your ads makes your business a brand
  • You do not depend on SEO and Google Algorithmic changes

One Hundred Million Plus For Oregon Recreational Marijuana Industry

The first seven months 2016 saw gross sales in Oregon’s recreational cannabis market top $100 million with no signs of slowing down. Over 2000 dispensary license applications have been submitted which spells fierce competition amongst dispensaries in the near future.  


In order to attract new customers and retain existing shoppers, well trained employees, high traffic locations and perks like rewards programs and credit card acceptance are likely to become more prevalent in Oregon’s dispensaries.  


What other services / perks are likely to become common place in Oregon’s recreational marijuana market?


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Very Informative

Will Marijuana Impact November Ballots

With legalization of Cannabis on the ballots in 9 states and already legalized in 20+ states it’s hard to imagine the topic will attract as much attention as it did several years back. Additionally, the recent ruling by the FDA not to reclassify the schedule 1 status has more clearly defined the near future of the MMJ industry.


If one of the presidential candidates took a strong stand on legalization would it impact your vote in November considering all of the other challenges facing our county today?  


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How To Bring Relevant Visitors At Your Website

How can you bring the relevant traffic at your site not irrelevant traffic?


Most of the website owners have a problem to bring relevant visitors on their website. It is almost impossible for small business owners to chase Google and Bing bidding. It is too expensive and the conversion rate is too low.


  • You have to work hard to make your business visible in organic searches to keep the advertising cost affordable. It is a tough task.

  • You have to write articles, blogs and involve active forums of your industry.


Guidelines to write good articles and blogs and make your site visible in Organic Search Results:


  • Writing Catchy and attractive Title/Headline in your article and blog is very important to attract potential readers/customers to visit to your website.

  • A good title makes a big difference to convert your sales.

  • Search engines can also pick up your title for the organic searches or you may say that titles and headlines represent your search engines.

  • Articles and blogs are also considered an anchor to catch customers for organic searches.

  • Search engines select the search result through title, description. Keywords and good unique, relevant contents.

  • You have to index your blogs and articles for your organic search.

  • I do not recommend using special characters in the title.

  • Meta Description is a vital message for a customer to read about your products or services.

  • The meta description must reflect to your title, and Meta-descriptions play a big role in search results. It is important for the SEO purpose.

  • I recommend writing meta tags in lower cases with comma separated.

  • A good description will make your potential customers mind to click your ads.

  • Keywords are used to approach the relevant clientele looking products or services you are offering.

  • Meta tags are a way for webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites.

  • Landing Page-You have to bring the customer to the right landing page.

  • Offer Affiliate Programs to share your advertising and promotion cost burden to others.



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