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Just One Magic Click To Optimize Your Site!

Sign Up For Time-Line Premier Membership To Get Non Stop & Unlimited Leads Just $149.99 Per Month

What is GetConnected360.com Time-Line premier membership and why it's different from other timelines?

The idea behind this unique program is to provide businesses and professionals, non stop and unlimited potential
customers' leads. They can connect with search engines and digital portals across the world through GetConnected360.com by just one Magical Click optimization such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other most popular search engines and social media.

Just need your one magical click to blast your each post everywhere:

  • Post, share, optimize and index your contents on yahoo and google
  • Post, share, optimize and index your videos on google and yahoo
  • Unlimited leads to share your products and services
  • Chat service to communicate with the interested parties
  • Messaging center to communicate and save your communication
  • Dedicated unique search bar on the timeline for your users to find answers to their questions
  • The accuracy rate of the relevant traffic will be very high
  • Statistics report to analyze your visitors behavior about your post
  • No long term contract is applicable


How to use the GetConnected360.com Timeline?


Sign-up to create your Time-Line by using the following link



  • After successfully signed-up your account, you can use the following functions:
  • Time-Line- Maintain Time-Line to publish your contents and videos
  • Gallery- To display your products and services including videos

A rich business and professional directory with the following dynamic functions to build your business, professional network and sales:
  • Send an invitation
  • The other party can accept, ignore or reject your invitation
  • Your invitation will be automatically dissolved if the other party do not reply you in 48-72 hours and you can try later again.
  • You can start communication with the other party if the invitation has been accepted successfully.

Message Center and a Live Chat Service :
  • Send messages
  • Receive messages
  • Maintain log for the future reference


You do not have to retain any SEO company to maintain your campaign, because every single page and product will be automatically indexed and optimized. The accuracy rate of the quality and relevant traffic will be 99.99%.


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