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Top 5 Tips for Safe Scaffold Erection

Scaffold towers are elevated temporary work platforms used for supporting employees or materials or both. Statistics show that every year, many workers die, either using or erecting scaffolding. These numbers certainly show a constant need for protection and training for workers that use scaffolding. Here are important tips to keep you safe and ensure that scaffold is erected properly.


First things first! You must ensure that only qualified personnel are erecting scaffolding to prevent putting any construction worker at risk of serious injuries. If you are carrying out scaffolding work where there is a risk of a person or object falling more than four meters, you must hold a scaffolding high-risk work licence. In Australia, there are 3 types of scaffolding high-risk work license: basic, intermediate and advanced. These licences allow workers to erect various types of scaffold towers depending on their qualifications.


Look at the environment in which the scaffold is to be erected including checking the ground conditions. Carrying out the task of erecting a scaffold on an uneven or unsteady ground is bad practice. Therefore before erecting a scaffold, a competent person must survey the site for uneven ground, untapped earth fills, ditches or other hazardous conditions. The scaffold base must be properly set on base plates and the surface must be as flat as possible, the soil impenetrable to prevent slipping for sinking in any weather.


Take special care to protect people that might be working or walking near the site. Therefore erect smart fencing and safety barriers will deter people that may otherwise wander into a place where they may be injured. Measures to ensure the safety of pedestrians include:

  • Put up signs and barriers to divert the public away from the operation
  • Integrate crash decks and tunnels to steer people away from the construction site
  • Obtain a temporary street/ sidewalk closure during the course of scaffold erection


To mitigate the risk of falls, the contractors must implement the following safe work measures:

  • When lifting or lowering materials, scaffolders should be working within a handling platform, which is completely boarded with toe boards and double guardrails.
  • A minimum of three board working platforms along with a single guardrail should be supplied.
  • Safety harnesses should be put on all the time by the scaffolders and should be fitted with a 1.75m length lanyard and a 55mm opening scaffold hook or similar.


Training is the most paramount factor in mitigating the risks and accidents on the site. There is no substitute to sound knowledge, effective training of scaffolders and constant supervision. Contractors, clients and others must ensure that all safety standards must be continuously performed on the site and premises. Therefore you must verify the license and training levels of scaffolders and their supervisors as also ensure that scaffolders follow all appropriate safety standards.


Do you have any questions relating to safety during the erection of scaffold systems Sydney?

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4 Top Reasons Why Car Storage Is Crucial

Well, there can be several reasons that might push you to opt for reliable car storage in Sydney. Some of the important reasons are discussed here below:

1. Away From the Town

Be it going away on a business trip, taking a much-deserved vacation or living in Sydney only for a part of the year, storing your extra vehicles is a brilliant alternative. Keeping your car shielded at a reputed self-storage facility will provide you with complete peace of mind, as you know that your vehicle is in a protected place.

2. You Can Free Up Essential Space

If you have more than one vehicle, and the other vehicles are hardly been driven, then they must not be parked in the driveway, backyard or on street, rather, they should be placed inside car storage. Many homeowners would like to have some part of their garage free, either to store items or perform different projects. However, if the garage is fully packed with vehicles, you’ll hardly be able to walk through it.

3. Get shielded from Vandalism

Parking your vehicle on the street is unsafe because you don’t know when a driver not paying proper attention is going to toss off your vehicle’s side mirror or blow your vehicle. In addition, children playing baseball or basketball in the street may accidentally break your car’s windshield and you’ll not know when it happens. Parking in your driveway isn’t safe from vandals who get a kick from smashing people’s day, by practising useless property damage like slitting tyres and damaging windows. Even worse, your vehicle becomes vulnerable to thefts.

4. Safeguard against Elements

When you keep your car parked in the outdoors, it is vulnerable to all the elements, which includes pests, wind, moisture and extreme temperatures. The sun’s heat can give a beating to your vehicle, causing mayhem on the paint job, interior including the dash. Moreover, parking your car beneath the tree can be unsafe for many reasons. During heavy winds, a branch or tree limb may break loose and fall over the parked vehicle inflicting body damage. In addition, many trees expel sticky liquids, which can damage your car’s paint and some may even have small berries that aren’t easy to clean either.

Storing Car in a Self-Storage Facility has its Distinctive Benefits

When you store your vehicle at a self-storage facility, it is shielded from elements such as wind, rain, heat and sunlight, trees, pests, dust and thieves. Moreover, you’ll get added security features at a self-storage facility that will typically include:

  • PIN access
  • 7 Days a Week Access
  • Short or Long Term Storage
  • Various Sizes Available - Upsize and Downsize as you like
  • Discounts for Multiple Spaces
  • Experienced Staff for Advice

If you are confused about which car storage unit should you choose then read the guide: Which Car Storage Option is Right for You?

Final Words

Thus, there are valid reasons for storing your treasured vehicle at a safe and committed storage facility. The reason can be anything such as freeing up essential space in your garage or driveway, safeguard your vehicle from elements or vandalism, or you’re going out of town. Storing your vehicle in a safe location means your vehicle is out of the way yet professionally supervised and may be the perfect solution for your situation. Indeed, car, SUV.


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Looking for Qualified Plumber to Fix Leaking Tap in Manly

Is one of your home taps continuously leaking and you’re anxious about water wastage in your home? Indeed, one drip could result in buckets of wasted water every day, that much money down the drain as well. Therefore, it’s vital to stop the dripping to save precious water and your hard-earned money. At once, get in touch with a reliable plumber in Manly and get the leaking tap problem fixed at the earliest instant.

Leaking Tap Issue

If one of your mixer-taps starts dripping from the handle, it can let water to escape to areas in your bathroom or kitchen that should not actually get wet like inside cabinets, flooring or walls that can create issues with mould growth, water stains and swelling. Moreover, if you delay repairing a leaking tap in your home, then it would probably cost you more, well beyond just wasted water.  

Resolve Multiple Plumbing Issues & Save

If you’re anxious to call out the plumber for just a single tap washer replacement, then think again! Well, you can get all the taps inspected by the licensed plumber or you can include any other plumbing jobs that require attention. If any of the taps in your home need a bit of an effort to turn off then more or less it would require repairs anyway. Along with your bathroom & kitchen mixer taps, you should also consider your dishwasher tap, laundry taps, garden taps, tap behind the toilets, as well as, washing machine taps and fixtures. Most of the reputed plumbing service/plumber will take on multiple plumbing jobs in a single visit provided you inform them about it at the time of booking itself.


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Need Gas Fitting Plumber in Bondi Get It Right Away

Well, you will require a licensed gas fitter plumber in Bondi to install/fit, repair or service gas equipment or appliance. Choose the service provider or plumber having a good amount of experience servicing the local area and having a proven track record of resolving the trickiest of the problems.

Perhaps, you are well aware that gas is highly flammable and working on the problems all by yourself carries bigger risks. It is equally dangerous to give such critical work to unlicensed or inexperienced plumbers. Always choose trusted and experienced plumbers or Service Company that are duly registered/licensed.

Established service providers invest in the latest of plumbing technologies, which facilitates their expert plumbers to deduct the minutest of leaks and repair in the fastest time possible. Their goal is to provide you with the solution and help you get up and move again quickly. They are capable of providing all aspects of gas fitting, right from installation, through deliverables and their plumbers are fully experienced in following:

  • Pipe sizing
  • Pressure reduction and regulation
  • Material selection
  • Appliance recommendation and selection
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and servicing

A reputed service provider or plumber in Bondi will make sure that your gas appliances are working perfectly and safely 24/7. Besides, they can schedule servicing and maintenance at your premises, so you won’t forget and it always gets done at the appropriate time. Moreover, some highly regarded and established service providers also provide electrician services in Bondi along with plumbing services.  


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5 Clever Tips To Choose The Best Bathroom Tapware

Today, there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting bathroom tapware regardless of whether you need a shower, bath or basin taps for your home. It is imperative to fit taps that are not only simple to use and functional but also that are cleverly crafted with stunning designs that can balance the rest of your bathroom space effortlessly. Here are the five clever tips that will help you to purchase the best bathroom tapware:

1. Mixer or Separate Taps

The primary difference is that mixers are available as an all-in-one unit whereas tap set is available in a 3-piece with a spout. While mixers radiate a modish look and suitable for contemporary settings, the 3-piece tap set provides a more traditional style. The selection will mainly depend on the style you want to achieve in your bath or basin, as there is no major difference with regards to their pricing. Mixer taps mix the cold and hot water inside before releasing out through the spout, allowing you to control the temperature of the water flow. With a gentle push, you can easily turn on or turn off the mixer taps.

2. Mix & Match

Well, you can also pick different tap sets for your basin, bath and shower with different design and colour choices to harmonise the overall look of your bathroom. For example, you may like to have stainless steel taps with chrome finish for your toilet and basin whereas you may like to have a gold finish for your bath and shower tap set.

3. Usability

Indeed, style alone is not everything and that you should be able to use your taps with the utmost ease. Therefore, think about how you’re going to use them. Take into account the type of fixtures you have prior to making a tapware selection. Would you like to have your basin taps wall mounted or prefer something tall above your basin? Do you require a long spout that stretches over your bath? And would they protrude too far in your shower? Answering these vital questions will help you to choose the best bathroom tapware.

4. See WELS Rating for Buying Water Saving Taps

Look for WELS rating on the packaging of the taps – A higher star-rating means lower consumption of water and a reduced water bill. Not only can you save some money but also you will help in protecting mother nature. That’s why it’s important to check the WELS rating on the packaging of brand new taps.

5. Compatible

You have to buy taps separately, as they don’t come with your fixtures. Therefore, you have to ensure the taps you buy are compatible with your fixtures. For the generic type of fixtures, generic taps will fit appropriately; however, some taps are designed to fit only on a specific type of fixture. Next important thing is to find out the position that will be perfect for fitting your taps – in the middle of the basin or to the side and find out if they require some space left behind. These issues often don’t appear until installation, so think about it before purchasing your tapware.

An Array of Choices

Established brands such as Caroma, Dorf, Novelli, Methven, Rossto, as well as, Bastow and Flexispray among others have an array of bath, shower and basin taps for sale at great prices. You can buy Caroma tapware and Dorf taps online in Australia. These reputed brands are known to provide durable, sturdy, functional, stylish and water saving tapware range.


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