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Birthday or Paradox Attack

Birthday: Day of creation

Paradox: Replaced a documentation without an authorization

Hash: A computer function which displays a message in an encrypted format or pieces

It is one of a kind of cyber attacks which may change the original position of a contract or conversation digitally between two persons/parties by colliding with a help of a same “Hash or Key”.

To understand a birthday attack, first we have to understand a Hash function and its collision to open a safe box or pass a login area successfully:

How does a Hash function work?

A simple definition of a hash is to reduce a large value in a short form and save it in an encrypted format.

A hash function is used to store a data in a conceal form to use it later when needed by a user. A same key is provided to a user to access the system. If, a combination declines the access will be denied. A hash function creates two keys to access the system. One is assigned to the database, whereas the other key is assigned to the user to access the system whenever needed.

For example; A debit or credit card has a chip back of the card, which contains a unique hidden password behind a seal which is not readable by an eye.  To conduct an activity, you must know a real password which is stored in a database.

A birthday or paradox attack is launched to replace the digital dialogues or documents between the two persons/parties by cracking a hash function. A right password will allow you to use it, whereas using a wrong password will deny the access.

The hash function is irreversible and it is one sided. The most unique property of the hash function is that, one bit or character changes the entire output.. A strong, long and twisted password will increase the probability for a hacker to hardy find a right hash to log in the system.

Sensitive financial websites keep the data in an encrypted format to protect from;

  • A hacker
  • Staff
  • Even an owner of a company cannot access it because it saves the encrypted format.

This type of attack is generally applied to a large financial and highly sensitive websites, because a hacker does have to spend a lot of time to revers the hash algorithm.

Hash Formula One: Sign Up Information = Login Information

Hash Formula Two: Sign Up Encrypted Form Information = Login Information In A  Real Form

Hash Formula Three: Information Validated = Permission to Pass

Hash Formula Three: Information Denied = Permission Deny to Pass



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