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Cyber Attack By A Social Engineering

This is the most sophisticated form of a cyber attack and almost every cyber attack is launched by a social engineering. A social engineering is a tool or a hacker's qualification, which a hacker use to read a web user's mind, to fool or phish accordingly.

I do not say that a user or a victim was an idiot, I rather say a victim was simple and became a victim of a trust.

We will use in this discussion social engineering in context to the Information technology to conceive the confidential information of a user by a trick.

Though, the skills of the social engineering can be used for a good purpose too, like leveraging your social and professional network. This technique is used by a hacker to force to make a mistake to steal information.

How does a hacker use a social engineering on a web-user to steal information?

A hacker first target a person(s), and then monitors weaknesses of a person(s) to elevate an evil attack to harm an innocent person. We will share below a few most used phishing attacks to extract the sensitive information from a victim's control by force and without a knowledge.

Example One:

Phishing attack through the shopping attractions:

People love shopping and look around a great deal on the internet. A hacker follows them and include a bad banner between good banners to hit and gain a control of the system, that a victim is using for the activities.

It is highly recommended for a shopper to type into a browser, a website address to visit, rather hit a banner in your email and become a victim. For example; Type Walmart or Target. This is certainly a long way to reach, but it is 100% safe journey to reach on a destination by avoiding hackers' ugly techniques.

Example Two:

Phishing emails to update your bank information or see the abnormal activities in your bank account:

It is a very common attack by a hacker to shoot emails to the customers about updating bank information or the abnormal activities have found in your bank.

Please use the following link to update or check the abnormal activities. Most of the innocent users click and become a victim.

Social and Professional Network Vs Professional Engineering:

Over 60% cyber attacks are launched by the social networking and social engineering.

A hacker grabs a group of people who have the same interest on the internet through the social networking and later start a social engineering to gain their trust. Social engineering mean, supply information of their interest.

The social networking and engineering are inevitable to conduct a successful phishing attack.

How to avoid the Social Engineering?

You can prolong a hacker's patience, but you cannot escape. A hacker waits for a moment, you make a mistake to attack and in most occasions, a hacker is successful. There are always a loophole and vulnerability in your system, that a hacker finds to enter and attack.

  1. Educate your staff about the sensitivity of a cyber attack to feel responsibility.
  2. Do not open or entertain any attachment and hit on a link that you do not know.
  3. Do not interact with any unknown person.
  4. Do not add anyone in your network.
  5. Use licensed antivirus in your system to timely detect for any malware and remove immediately.



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