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DOS and DDOS Cyber Attacks

DoS: Denial of Service (An attack with one machine)

DdoS : Distributed Denial of Service (An attack with multiple machines)

What is a DoS  Cyber Attack?

A DoS and DDoS are one of the cyber security attacks which are used to slow down your website speed and make it unavailable for an intended user. A DoS stands for “Denial-of-Service Attack” whereas “DDoS stands for “Distributed-Denial-of Service Attack”.

Both are the Malware and attack by a bot net. The main intention of this particular cyber attack is to damage a business reputation by lowering the traffic. If a server has consumed the maximum limit and still a Bot Attack is continued, it may crash a server or it will temporarily disable a page to view to your users and shows a message “Page Not Found” and other type of page not found errors.

It is also called a half open connection where a real person does not accept the approval of a server. A DoS or DDoS is not just a small function, rather these are the big buckets which contain a lot of unique features. It is important to understand each feature to protect from its strong attack. This attack overwhelmingly uses your resources without your command or will.

How to distinguish between legit or a DoS user?

It is necessary to understand the flow of a connection between a user and server:

  • DNS (Domain Name System) : It is used to find a website phone number to dial or in a simple word, it is your phone book where you store your important telephone numbers.
  • IP Address:An IP address is your unique telephone number such as 001.00.0548, which is used to connect to a server, if a server receives a call and respond back to a caller and caller accepted, it means it is a legit user not a DOS user. Because, the DOS user would not accept the call. It was a “Computer Bot”.
  • Web Browser HTTP/HTTPS: It records all the activities between a legit user and the server.

How to stop this attack immediately?

Stop or restart the server immediately to disrupt a DOS attack for a moment and later find the IP and investigate. You can blacklist the ID, if you found a fake traffic was diverted after the investigation.

How and where a DoS attack launched?

DoS attack is launched by a stolen or hijacked IP (Internet Protocol) or a very attractive post on the internet to divert bad traffic to the victim's website.

It is used to attack on a financial site, e-commerce sites or wherever a business depends on the internet to kneel down and drop a demand to fulfill before stop the attack. For example; an attacker chooses an inquiry page to keep sending your inquiries.

Characteristics of a DOS Attack:

A DoS is a bot attack which an attacker launches from one single IP and send multiple fake request to a unique website server to make it unavailable for a real user. It lowers sales and demotivate to a legit user for a re-visit to a website.

Any server has a limitation to receive requests at a time and if the limitation exceeded, it shows an error of 403, 500 or 503. These messages show that the current page is not available.

DOS attack is generally launched by one of your cheap competitors or a hacker who can demand for a ransom. You have to blacklist the suspicious IP.

A DOS attack demotivates a user to visit the website or network again, because it is slow, a message of service is currently not available or it hacks easily by an attacker. It is a very common practice to demand the money.

You cannot do much to stop a DOS attack, rather you have to distinguish a good or bad traffic and spare a reasonable bandwidth to handle traffic.

Under a DOS attack, a hacker eats all your bandwidth. It, requires a lot of resources to control on the DOS attack.

It is launched in a different types such as PING Flood Attack, SYN Flood Attack and it is very easy to launch. Besides, it keeps pinging to your server until it down or dies.

What is a DDoS Attack?

In the DDOS attack, An attacker uses a Malware Bot same as in a DOS attack to make a multiple victims at a time by using different hacked IP addresses. 

An attacker uses the stolen IP address and send a request on different servers from different IP addresses to keep a valid user away from a real website.

A DDOS (Distributed  Denial of Service attack) is every expensive and it requires technical expertise to stop. In this type of cyber attack, a user does not use your cookies and system, rather uses a third party's IP address to send non-stop request to a unique server to lower or completely eliminate the valid traffic.



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