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How to stop hacking from a SQL Injection?

It is a hacker's attack on the database of a specific website to extract all the sensitive information and we will share below the flow of the cyber attack through the SQL Injection.


The SQL Injection attack is launched from an unseen open door of a website. That can belong to a column or table of the database where all the information is stored including the admin login information.


What is the database and why a hacker attack it?


A database is a place which is located online where all the data is stored and restored at the will of a website administrator electronically through SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language. It is a back-end of a website, from the data is extracted to view for a user. It is saved and organized in a unique table and column that contains files and records.


A database is a backbone of a website and it is inevitable to ignore from protecting with the high profile security protocol from a hostile and hungry hacker.


Additionally, the sensitive information in your database must be kept in the encrypted format to save from an attack.


A hacker uses the SQL injection to access the information of the registered user, admin panel user name and password, credit card, social security numbers and the other useful information.


Hacking database will compromise the entire website and a hacker may demand for a ransom.


Characteristics of SQL (Structured Query Language)?


We will describe below the functions of the SQL and how it effects with the SQL Injection threat:


  • The SQL is a programming language which is used to create a communication path between a user and database server to manipulate or transfer the information electronically.
  • It is used to add, edit, delete and access the data from the database. An SQL database is a hub of the website information.
  • The SQL query language sends a request to a server to retrieve information from the database for a end user.
  • The main components of a database are Data + Table Name + Columns Name.

What are the qualities of SQL Injection and how it damages to a business?


An SQL injection is used by a hacker to steal the sensitive information from the database by applying a SQL injection through an input field or from the hidden and weak doors. Such as; A harmful code is injected into a weak designed application to hijack the back-end database. This malicious coding helps a hacker to bypass the weak security hurdles and reach out the rich database.


How does a hungry hacker attack a website database by a SQL Injection?


Attempt from an input field by writing a user name and the password. The login attempt will pass to the administrator to verify the information. The interface will be opened if the validation is passed by the administrator, otherwise the administrator will fail the attempt to login due to the unauthorized attempt by the wrong login information.


How would a hacker make or find a hole to get into the database to extract desired information?


  1. Select a target website to extract information.

  2. Find out the vulnerability and a loophole in a website through a customized script or a software. This process will lead a hacker about to know what backdoor of the website is open to attempt.

  3. Understand database structure, including users' data, number of tables and columns to check the loophole in a website to attempt to get into the database.

  4. Based on the current statistics most of the websites are not secure and the information is not encrypted.


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