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MitM and SS7 Cyber Attacks

Mitm: Man in the middle attack

SS7: Signaling system 7 attack

What is a man of the middle man attack?

It is a cyber attack at the user's end where a hacker hijack a session during visiting a website to conduct an important act, such as transferring money or log in an account.

Under a MitM attack, an attackers hijack the DNS (Domain Name System) and a session of a user.

What is DNS?

A DNS is a server where a user sends a request through a browser's command to take on a specific website. The entire process is proceeding through the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. There are three Internet Protocol Addresses are involved conducting an act.

A user IP address + A DNA Server IP Address and The Destination IP address. One IP request to another. A unique IP address is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to location not to an individual computer device.

What is a Session?

A session is a time traveling from one point to another. Digital traveling between user end to DNS server end is one session and traveling from DNS server end to the destination website is another session.

How does a hacker take a control of a DNS and Session?

Under a MitM attack, a hacker collects all the user commands, rather a real DNS server without knowing and send it to a wrong destination to rob a user.

A hacker somehow installs a malware on a user's computer to stop in a middle of the travel and bring it to a website which is not a real destination of a user to steal.

How to avoid a MitM and SS7 attacks?

  • Do not download unnecessary applications on your system like download videos, download games, unlicensed photography software and working from home software.
  • Send message through the admin, rather from email.
  • Use HTTPS site only
  • Do not open the unknown attachments and click on the links.



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