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A Password Attack2

What is a password attack or how to crack a password?

In a simple world, a password is a key of the lock which is a combination of letter, digits and the special characters. This digital key gives an authorization to a user to login into a unique account. It can be a bank account, social media account or a medical account.

A password is one of a common types of a cyber attack to gain an access of your electronic data. A password is acquired to steal sensitive information such as credit card information, social security number and the other sensitive information which may harm to a victim mentally and financially.

A hacker attacks on an individual's password or an admin panel to steal passwords in a bulk.

Generally, a hackers launch three different types of attempts compromise your password:

Brute  Force Attack: A password is stolen by using a different type of combinations, such as; apply lowercase letters a-z, upper case letters A-Z, digits 0-9 or the special characters (&*%.

There are many automated tools are available in the market to crack a password to match a key combination to login the user account. That tool shows an estimated time to crack a password, that helps a hacker to decide if it's worth.

There is a 100% guarantee that any password can be cracked at one point. It may take a day, month, year or years to break a password through a brute Force Attack. A time is the biggest disadvantage of a brute Force Attack.

 A brute force attack is different from a dictionary password attack.

Dictionary Attack: A password is compromised by using a dictionary word, such as birthday, sweet and any word which is available in the dictionary. A dictionary attack is very successful, if you do not change your password frequently or you allow to store your password to restore automatically when you want to login.

The entire dictionary and the most favorite words are uploaded from externally in the software to get a right key combination to login an account to steal the information.

In a brute force attack there is no external directory or dictionary is used to get a right key match, whereas in the dictionary attack, you do.

Rainbow Table Attack: It is an advanced form of a password attack. This attack is attempted on an admin login end, where the data is generally stored in a hash or encrypted format.

In the rainbow table attack, a hacker matches a combination of the encrypted format rather of a real password.

How to save from a password hacking?

Based on my education, experience and knowledge, a little effort and precautions can make a hacker's life miserable.

  • Create an unpredictable password which you cannot even remember.
  • Change password frequently to break a session or connection between you and a hacker. If, you have been hijacked without your knowledge.
  • Do not store a password in a browser to restore later automatically.
  • The admin end of the website where a user's information is stored, send an immediate notification to the user, if there is an unsuccessful attempt was made to log in. Additionally, use double factor system to secure a user's data.
  • A strong password is recommended to create which must contain lower and uppercase letters, digits and the special characters.
  • Do not name a same password for the multiple websites. It is a common mistake that most of the web users make.
  • Avoid using birthday date, pet name, family member name, favorite sport, telephone number, favorite holidays and other most frequent words what is used in your daily life.



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