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Purpose, objectives and formation of and how will it work?

Digital marketing is impossible without the digital content. It is same as a body without a heart. The online audience is motivated towards a website through the unique content. A content that is unique, distinguishable, and to the point can attract many audiences.
The purpose to create a is to deliver ideas, thoughts and views of different writers to the businesses in the form of digital content that brings online traffic. It will not only create an opportunity for the writers earn decent income, but also to maintain a professional portfolio that would enable them to excel their writing skills.
How will the Process work? will scrutinize each content to make sure that the content is original, unique, and is not in duplication of the material already available to the audience. A content can be a collection of words, excerpts, a small video, an image, a GIF and graphic images that will be provided by the writers andgraphic designers.
What is a content?
A content could be following topics that are published on a web page to attract customers to visit a website.
  • An experience or expertise in a specific profession which is shaped in words, graphic,
  • A document that interests the writer,
  • An excerpt from writer’s dairy from his or her personal experience,
  • An awareness topic, a political content or a travel story.
  • Health and safety awareness topics
What is bad content?
A bad content contains duplication and plagiarism. It means a content is already existing on the internet and another person manipulated with little changes and try to republish the same which a search engine can easily detect during the screening process and does not index. Using bad content is only a waste of energy and resources.
How will work?
  • A writer will create an account on and share his/her education, experience and the expertise in specific area(s) to gain a confidence of a content buyer.
  • The will assign an article-bank to the writer under where a writer will upload articles or graphics with a price quotation for the same. The content writer can give each content a separate price quotation.
  •, will collect money on behalf of a writer, which will be later transferred to a writer's account after deducting the advertising fee of to provide an online portal to sell content.
  • $20.00 on the first 500 words of article OR you decide the price
  • $5.00 on every additional 100 words in an article OR you decide the price
  • The designer will post an Image price
  • Video maker will post the price
Objectives of
  • Provide high quality contents to the website owners to bring relevant traffic on the website.
  • Provide great optimization of the website due to its originality.
  • Crackdown of the duplicate content.
  • Creation of job opportunities across the world.
  • Maintain credibility and reputation of the businesses.
Writer Account Termination Policy:
A writer's account will be instantly terminated, if the content published on the website is found to be duplicate or copied from somewhere else. Using other writers’ words, images, ideas are strictly prohibited. has set up parameters to distinguish between the original and copied content and strongly advise its content writers to follow the same.

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