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Ask A Question is a universal online portal where people post questions and find answers. It is a family platform and we remove any content that de-motivate our users to visit again.

We do not edit any question or the answers and publish the original form, but we rather reserve a right give an approval after the review, to make sure the material meets with our requirement.

What content do we ignore to publish or remove from our database?

  • Content related to hatism and the terrorism.

  • The adult and the malicious content will be removed from the database without your consent or send you a notification.

  • The content that contains the advertisement material and duplication will not be published, rather we will remove it from Due-Cix data base.

  • Our goal is to provide the quality content to our users to maintain the bounce rate, quality traffic, spam rate and enhance your website content optimization.

  • A content that contains too many links between the text to visit the other ir-relevant pages will not be published, because this practice will mislead to a user and keep our servers busy.

Does charge any fee?

It is a free public portal to spread out the knowledge and awareness across the world and we do not charge any fees.

How long does take to publish your question or answer?

It generally takes 24-48 hours and it depends on the quality of the content.

Based on the experience over 90% posts are rejected due to the bad information. They contain advertising material rather than knowledge, use too many links within the text, insufficient content and the recommended content are estimated 2,000 words without a duplication.

Ask Question?

You can publish a question at our portal at any topic except the restricted topics and may be multiple users answer the question based on their experiences.

Find An Answer?

Generally, the best answer is considered sharing your real personal experience with others. We encourage our users to share your personal experiences with the supporting and the evidences against a question that is posted on

How to add a question and answer?

There are following steps to be followed that are described below:

  • Sign up with the Due-Clix.

  • Login your account to add your question or answer.

  • Wait 24-48 hours to publish and send us and email, if you do not see the approval within the specified time, send an email at


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