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Best places to use xZatly to extract the fast S.E.O results

The primary purpose of using xZatly is branding your company name, logo, services and the products you are offering to your customers. A company becomes a brand by the social engineering, it means sending timely information to your users that they are looking for now.


The xZatly can be used in the following places to extract the instant S.E.O results. S.E.O stands for the search engine optimization and it can be broken into two parts.


S.E.O = Search Engine + Optimization


The search engine is a machine, whereas the optimization is a process to find the most appropriate result for a web-user.


Places where a xZatly branded URL is ideal to use, rather you use a generic URL:


  • Social media websites: A unique message is typed to create a branded URL. That helps a user to understand what information is available on the next page, rather a user takes a turn and waste time, waste your bandwidth and the other resources. The message is written with specific domain name, rather, you always use a generic URL and the primary domain. That contains multiple benefits such as make company known, a user may decide by an outside title, whether a visit will be useful or it should be ignored.

  • Send email with a unique title: It is a unique feature of xZatly, write subject with a short message and re-direct to the appropriate page. It optimizes every page and your user know about your all services.

  • Knit it an the advertising URL: You can include a keyword in your advertising URL, it increases a click more than a generic U.R.L.

The entire concept and practice of the xZatly is to make your company known and create links across the internet to pull and push traffic towards your website to increase sales.



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