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Full Name/company Name Complaint title Complaint Complaint Date Status Action
Samantha Heard Theft This person trick me into sending all my money and my bank card and he took all my money and won’t 04-18-2018 Active Detail
Charles R. Complaints against landlord Landlord is very rude, disrespectful, threatens tenants, and only deals with cash payments. If you p 04-10-2018 Active Detail
Katy reynolds Foreman John elliot foreman when I was there and quit in 2017 he always was in my face and cussing to it to 03-08-2018 Active Detail
Salihah perkins Rent This company is the worse I moved in with a room mate and we both qualified for a 3 bedroom my roomm 12-31-2017 Active Detail
PURU RAGHAV Griminess in village due to blockage of nala Respected Sir, In my village there is nala blocking for many months and nobody is seeing that . Due 12-27-2017 Active Detail
Amy Hollars Fraud Gave costody to a mother on drugs, allowing meth offender's babysitting.Neglecting Child abuse, taki 12-17-2017 Active Detail
Mack brumley Archer county deputy II'm tired of all the lies that he tells 10-31-2017 Active Detail