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Full Name/company Name: Sierra Vista assisted living
Tel: 6026283642
Fax: 6022378130
Address: 3331 west Ian drive, laveen, 85339, Arizona, United States

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Issue: care giver serviced

  • Complaint Details:
    I have been a resident st Sierra assistant livingfor 1Year now. No one helps me with my showers I buy my own food the food menu is not being followed and the staff help does not speak English or underddtsnds it I am being forced to move out by Friday because she had rented my room to someone eld else

  • Desired Adjustment:
    That an investigation is done and my rights are beening codidered as an ALTCS patient I need an advocate I dont have a place to move to until November 1 but she is demanding that I move October 1st

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Sierra Vista assisted living

Posted 10-03-2015 04:04:48

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