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Complaint Filer’s Information:

Full Name/company Name: Charmaine Prinsloo
Tel: 0714712764
Address: Trichardt Rd Boksburg, Boksburg, 1459, Gauteng, South Africa

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Full Name/company Name: Northpoint Laundromat
Tel: 011 894 2463
Address: 1 C/O Findel and Trichardt Str Impala Park Boksburg, Boksburg, 1459, Gauteng, South Africa

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Issue: Laundromat Purchase

  • Complaint Details:
    I have bought a Laundromat which I have taken over 1 Dec 14 with 10 washers and 8 dryers. I had a company come in to give me a quote to service the machines. which they have come in and now have 3 washers and 5 dryers working. Some machines do not even have motors. I called previous owner she said all her machines were working and the company that did the service has now stuffed up. I want the owner to re-inmburse my money

  • Desired Adjustment:
    Money paid undewr false pretentions

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