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Full Name/company Name: Advocate Muhammad Rasheed
Tel: 03006230969
Address: 2 House No 2, Street No 11 Mohallah Allahabad (sikandarpura), Wazirabad, 52000, Punjab, Pakistan

Company's Information you have registered a complaint:

Full Name/company Name: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, DC Road Gujranwala (Punjab)
Tel: 9200480-84
Address: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, DC Road Gujranwala (Punjab) Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, DC Road Gujranwala (Punjab), Gujranwala, 62000, Punjab, Pakistan

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Issue: Non provision of Sui Gas by Sui Gas Department beside valid connections by occupants

  • Complaint Details:
    I lived in a/m address. There is no sui gas pressure in this street in winter. Presently there is no gas from 0500 to 2100 hrs, whereas from 2100 onward has reasonable pressure in this area which is unveil. Time and again requested to department but they failed to satisfy the connection holders. It will be appreciated that this area be considered as citizen of Pakistan like other area. It is worthwhile to mention here that other occupants of nearby streets/ Mohallahs are enjoying with sui gas pressure whole the day without any interruption/ load shedding, what is our fault. Further, even villages around city are enjoying full pressure and we, being citizen of urban area are affecting.

  • Desired Adjustment:
    Department be instructed to provide some pressure during day so that the occupant can prepare breakfast for their children.

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Advocate Muhammad Rasheed

Posted 12-23-2014 03:03:59

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