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Full Name/company Name: Bernadette Fatima Eusebio
Tel: 6323731553
Address: 217 Sipac, Navotas, 1485, National Capital Region, Philippines

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Full Name/company Name: Paypal Inc.
Tel: (402) 935-2050
Address: 2211 N First St, CA , San Jose, CA , 95131-2021, California, United States

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Issue: Paypal Holding Funds 180 Days

  • Complaint Details:
    I am writing to seek an assistance in filing an appeal with Paypal. I recently received an email stating that they will held my fund for 180 days and I am not allow to withdraw any amount., all transactions requirements submitted to Paypal. I myself contacted the buyer for confirmation of his purchased provided as well his contact information for other verification required. Paypal have already confirmed the shipping details, tracking number, contact information and valid ID required were sent to them. At first I understand they're procedure in holding payments for 2 weeks it's their security purposes. Gone 2 weeks my account is still on limited status I decided to appeal my case with them. I received an email saying -Investigation is Complete " We have lifted the temporary hold on the funds. You now have full access to those amounts in your account." - Then I was surprised after few Paypal sent an email stating they will hold my funds for 180 days with no reason.

  • Desired Adjustment:
    I am requesting to Paypal to release my fund. Holding the full balance of my account is not fair, I am hoping you can help me raise my concern with Paypal and take the necessary action on this matter. I am here deeply asking for your assistance to he

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