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Social Media Website (RSS Reader): Protopage is one of the social media websites and it is an RSS reader. We will share below the basic features of the ProtoPage.

ProtoPage Features:

1. Sign up with Protopage to add widgets to show your new updates with the ProptoPage community.

2. You can use color and setting tabs to make your page presentable.

3. Add as many as widgets on your page.

4. Use ProtoPage search feature to find and read news.

5. Arrange widgets in columns and rows, and you can drag it to adjust the widget size.

6. Editing feature is used to make any changes in the existing post.

7. Bookmark the widget to instant access the websites where you visit quite often.

8. Add sticky notes on your page to edit the text.

9. Organize your widgets in different tabs.

10. Dragging to tabs to change the position of widgets.

11. You can share the news publicly and privately. (Posting): Mastodon is one of the social networking websites that help to expand network, advertising and increase sale. It works same as twitter and a message which is sent from twitter called a tweet whereas the message of Mastodon is called Toot.

Mastodon Features: is used to send messages to the Massadon Community and we will describe below the features and the functions of the Mastodon.

1. Sign up with Mastodon to send toot to the Mastodon community to create a network.

2. The Mastodon message box is used to send a toot and a message can be written up to 500 characters.

3. Write your bio under the preferences and in addition you can described your four products and services in a detail.

4. Violation of Mastodon - Excessive advertising , Uncurated news bots posting from third-party news sources , Untagged nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content and More

5. Invite people who signs up. It is one of the social media websites. It helps to expand your business networking to expand business. Features:

1. Sign up with to create a campaign for posting current updates about yourself or business.

2. Create personal or business profile to share your experience and expertise with your users.

3. It helps to create and expand your network that ultimately increases your sale.

4. Share your content and your interactions with your audience.

5. Some unique features are My Cloud, Unique Profiles, Voice Integration, Universal Tagging and the enhance permission control. (Posting & Sharing): LinkedIn is a professional social network website that have following unique features to grow your networking. Features:

1. LinkedIn is the world largest professional network that has users in around 200 countries and estimated 660+ million users.

2. Send invitation to the other professionals to join your network on the LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn live chat is a very powerful tool to communicate with other professionals from anywhere.

4. Share your content, ideas, achievement, experience, expertise with your network on the LinkedIn.

5. Post jobs, create a blog and post articles on the

6. Advertise on (Bookmarking): Folkd is bookmarked or a social search website, where you can save a link for your users to divert traffic at your web-portal. It is one of the popular social media websites and it has many unique features and a few of them are described below for your reference.

Folkd Features:

1. Sign up with the Folked to share a link to your user.

2. Store favorite links for the Folkd community to increase your network and sale.

3. Folkd allows to share title, description, and tags along with the link for the S.E.O purpose.

4. Add friends and the interested people to become a part of your network.

5. Monitor analytical report of Folkd and enhance your campaign on Folkd.

6. Setting up profile of your users


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You can domesticate your business entity from one state to another instead of filing new articles of incorporation in the new state to save the age
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