Almost every adult has a social media profile on one or two social media platforms. Social media platforms have fast outgrown the role of just uniting people and they are now connecting brands and communities as well. Over the last decade, social media has played a huge role in people’s lives, and businesses have made a great meal out of it. Brands and companies have made social media a marketing strategy, making it easy to interact with their customers.


Social media e-commerce has revolutionized the business world as most businesses have already adopted the necessary social media eCommerce strategies. Businesses have noticed that their customers are online, are mobile, and very social. Brands have noted this shift, and are using social media eCommerce strategies to reach out to their potential customers before they visit their preferred online stores.


Social ecommerce in Dubai has impacted heavily on the growth of online businesses here. This way, online shopping has evolved giving consumers more options. Further, platforms for social ecommerce in Dubai have promoted online businesses as customers often turn to them for answers about products and services. Statistics show that nine out of ten consumers visit social media platforms for help whenever they have a shopping decision to make. What’s more, more than three-quarters of shoppers bought a product because they saw it on social media.




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Airports Are More Than Just A Place For Taking Flights

Airport Advertising truly justifies the claims of providing Global Branding awareness for service, products or websites, with most of the NRIs  having businesses overseas, making your brand to urge opportunities for expansions within the overseas markets.


In today’s time, airports are quite just an area for taking flights, airports have become an environment where you'll shop, eat and relax while you await flight’s boarding time. Airport advertising comes under the category of out-of-advertising. Where TV, print and radio commercials are seen as loud and forceful advertising, outdoor advertising is taken into account as more subtle way of reaching the audience.


Airport features a footfall of sort of travelers such as:


  • Business travelers
  • Leisure travelers
  • Expatriate workers
  • Airport staff
  • Students


The audience at the airport is in a relaxed state of mind. The dwell time at airports make them more receptive to communication. During the dwell time when the travelers are sitting at the airport expecting their flight announcements, they become more active in their surroundings. They inevitably notice the ads displayed and therefore the long duration exposure of the ad influence their decision once they make a purchase.


As airports has diverse audience, any brands that promises value for money, establishes status, uplifts lifestyle or makes the lifetime of travelers’ easy and cozy makes up for airport branding. One can see ads of bags brands, clothing lines, cosmetic brands, gadget brands etc. using airport advertising agency fully throttle for max reach and visibility.


Airport advertising is often used as a neighborhood of any big ad campaign to spice up the aura of any brand.


Your Brand is Talking


Airport advertising company has numerous benefits over other outdoor option or conventional ways of advertising like TV commercials or radio announcements, billboards because:


Dwell time: Airport gives the advertisers the advantage of dwell time. This dwell time is when the audience isn't preoccupied with other tasks and is just expecting their flight announcements. this points are often alright to create a long lasting image in the consumer's mind. Big hoardings, series of posters and banners are often at the airports for attracting the audience.


Passive communication: Airports have a really stress free cool ambience , commuters are either waiting or coming to bid goodbye to their close ones, at this point the mind of the consumers is extremely receptive and hospitable to all kinds of communication. Therefore, the attractive ads will inevitably grab the attention balls and communicate the message during a subtle manner.


Saturation and influence: The repetitiveness also influences the consumer's mind. As an example if you've got a series of pole ads running alongside the approach road of an air terminal or at the airport parking lot, the buyer will notice them and their mind will saturate by the consistency of ads they're watching. Therefore, at the acquisition time their mind will unknowingly pick your brand over others.


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Why Bulk SMS Service Considered Safe and Reliable to Reach Audience?

The SMS was the earliest mode of communication for business promotion in which text messages were sent to the customers. It was one of the most successful channels of digital marketing during those times. Based on the same theme the bulk SMS service was introduced but with many modifications and the use of the latest technology. This service is considered a safe and reliable way of reaching the target audience for various reasons.


Direct communication: The bulk SMS service is a mode of communication that is safe and secure when compared to other digital marketing strategies. It is a form of personal communication where the business is in direct contact with its audiences through their smartphones. As per a survey, more than 97% of text messages are read by users and of which 90% of them are read in the first 5 minutes of delivery. So that essentially means that a majority of smartphone users engage in text messages or content and thus a reliable way to reach the target audience.


Increased use and reach of mobiles: There is a huge growth in the usage of smartphones all across the world. In India alone, there are more than 307 million mobile users and the numbers have doubled in the past decade or so. Moreover, as per research, it is expected to grow much further in the coming years. Also, the number of people going online using mobile has increased and more than 75% of the rural areas go online using the mobile device. With the customer preference for receiving promotional offers by text messages, marketing strategies is more focused on bulk SMS.


Rapid and on-target: Another reason for the bulk SMS service being highly reliable is that unlike other marketing channels there is no guesswork involved on whether the messages have reached the target audience or not as this marketing is permission-driven, meaning messages are sent only after subscription. That means users have opted to receive messages and hence there is a high likelihood of the messages being read.


Another reason for its popularity is that be it promotional or transactional SMS it can be sent quickly and also read quickly. So if you want to transmit some information that needs to be sent quickly to a maximum number of users so that the user can respond a bulk SMS service comes in handy.


Cost-effective with high returns: If you are a small business or a company that is running on a tight budget then the bulk SMS service is a safe bet. It is a high return but low investment strategy where a simple text message can shore up your business with increased sales. When other forms of advertising like the TV, or the print is out of your budget then SMS brings a great return on investment and one which can be put into work quickly allowing the company to reach people effectively, quickly and at very low cost.


Offers convenience: Apart from the fact that bulk SMS service is direct, cost-effective and easy to manage it also provides the convenience of it being available 24/7 to the companies. The SMS can be sent any time as there is a lot of advantages to timing the messages.


·        Having delivery time flexibility means that the messages are sent based on demographics and when the messages are likely to be read by the target audience.


·        It can be sent within a matter of a few seconds


·        It can send messages outside of the company location which helps it to expand and grow as it can be sent to any location across the world.


More effective than email: Email marketing is considered the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy as it helps to start the conversation and also to reach out to future customers and prospects. If there is any other cost-effective strategy that can beat email marketing is the bulk SMS.

SMS has 5 times higher open rate and quicker response time than Email and on an average 97.5% of SMS are opened within 5 seconds of it reaching the mobile. No wonder bulk SMS service is considered a reliable mode of communication to grow business!.


No filter: Apart from the fact that bulk SMS service does not need an internet connection for delivery or for reading the messages. There is another major advantage of this service and that is there are no filters like in email marketing. The bulk SMS messages that you send will reach the customer’s inbox without getting filtered into spam or other kinds of filters thus making it a very reliable form of reaching the target audience.


Measuring the Ad value: There are many customer acquisition points and thus it is essential for brands and companies to track where the users are texting in to join. To be able to measure how effective the marketing has been and which has been the most useful the bulk SMS service provides detailed reports of the number of SMSs sent, received and opened. These reports can be downloaded and analyzed to learn the outcome of the campaign.


Bulk SMS service helps businesses send SMS messages in large numbers to mobile users through various mobile networks. Simply put, bulk SMS service helps to deliver SMS to numerous recipients at one shot. Thus the Bulk SMS sender is an ideal medium to reach the targeted audience for all your business communications.


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Why Vinyl Fabrics are Best Material for Awnings Chicago?

Chicago stands among the most stunning cities in the USA. As such, you need to make your workplace entrance stunning too. For that, an awesome Awnings designing center is all that you need. It must pass the durability requirements as the city life is not easy at all. Moreover, strong Awnings Chicago options are essential to withstand seasonal fluctuations. See how Vinyl Fabrics make them stronger than usual and hold the best choice for Awning material.


Varieties of Options

The Vinyl composition comes in different kinds of colors& patterns. These are available in many innovative designs too. The option of varieties in Awnings Chicago simply highlights the final product. It also provides an option of customization so that your chosen words and letters could suit the show.


Long-Lasting Use

It doesn’t just relate to the material’s durability. It also depicts how long your brand name resides on the material. Vinyl Fabrics are famous for holding their printing for long. Coming back to the material, it is indeed effectively resistant to scratches & stains. These are certainly fire resistant as well. Therefore, it is commercially successful among various Awning providers.


Dust Resistant

The material of Vinyl Fabric doesn’t allow dust to settle on it making it easy to clean. Moreover, it gives you an option of customization of muddy or dull color so that you could hide it well from dirtiness.


Know about its more surprising features from our signage expert at Sign Freaks. Apart from Vinyl, we make use of the famous Sunbrella Cloth Canvas to create the finest Awnings Chicago for you. Let us know your requirements today!!


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Top 7 MarTech Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

With the industry developing at a remarkable pace, the year 2020 promises some exhilarating marketing technology improvements.


In this article, you’ll find 7 critical MarTech trends you need to take reigns in 2020 (and beyond).

1. Voice Search Will Overtake Traditional SEO


In 2020, Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is likely to dominate nearly half of global search. And the voice-based commerce market will grow to a whopping USD 40 billion.


This year, customers will expect more relevant, voice-optimized, and personalized answers everywhere – including the search bar on your company website.



What does this mean for you in 2020?


You’ll have to reach target audiences by optimizing your online presence for how customers speak verbally.


Favor natural language instead of keywords in web content, dumping excessively technical language. Think about the terms that people use in real conversation when you optimize your website.


For example, you may prefer to be called a veterinarian but the real pet owners are very likely to search something like “Which Singapore vets do spay and neuter?” -which includes the term ‘vet’.

Here’s what you can do about it


You can use a tool like that helps people buy from your site using voice search.


Jetson leverages AI to create contextual and cognitive awareness with continuous conversation and provides smart recommendations for end users over time.

2. Data Unification Will Pave Way For Better Customer Experience


The year 2020 will necessitate data unification and consolidation into a single view.


Here’s a screenshot of Tealium iQ, a powerful enterprise tag management system, that shows how this ‘single view’ would look like


Tealium iQ offers pre-configured, turnkey integration with 100+ major online vendors

What does this mean for you in 2020?


You can collect all data from your web and app analytics, CRM, and other systems into a single location like Google Cloud to derive rich and valuable insights about your consumers.


Multiple data sources can be consolidated into Google Cloud

Here’s what you can do about it


You can also use advanced tools like Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), and Customer Intelligence Platforms (CIPs) that automate data management and consolidation.


Some of the popular CDPs are Exponea, Optimove, and Emarsys.

3. Lead Gen Campaigns Will Be More Personalized


In 2020, almost 51% of customers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact.


Expect using more interactive content to create highly personalized lead generation campaigns this year.

What does this mean for you in 2020?


Think about personalizing all your lead gen efforts to make your prospects feel more valued.


Consider creating interactive content such as a quiz. It’ll not only help you segment your list but also create a stronger email marketing strategy for the future.

Here’s what you can do about it


You can use tools like Survey Anyplace and LeadQuizzes to effortlessly design quizzes. Both these platforms have a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes navigation a breeze.

4. Influencer Marketing Will Be Even More Popular And Relevant


With social media becoming a more integrated part of our lives, expect influencer marketing to become more popular and relevant this year.


Customers are turning to their adored Instagram celebrities, Twitter personalities, and YouTube superstars for guidance and recommendations on buying decisions.



What does this mean for you in 2020?


Leverage influencer marketing and think about ways to measure campaigns, create analytics to scale campaigns, and explore how to manage relationships between your brand and influencers.

Here’s what you can do about it


Not sure where to find top influencers relevant to your niche? Use tools like BuzzSumo. It helps you find influencers either through their bios or the content they share.


BuzzSumo Dashboard showing the list of top influencers

5. AI Will Be More Prevalent In Advertising


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform what’s possible in the world of advertising at every level, from ad creation to audience targeting to ad buying.

What does this mean for you in 2020?


Consider using AI tools to smartly identify and segment audiences, build ad creative, split-test variations, enhance performance, and optimize cost -automatically, in real-time, and at scale.

Here’s what you can do about it


You can use Reveal Bot that leverages AI to give you live updates on the progress of your Facebook ad campaigns. You can integrate it with Slack and receive reports on all key metrics.


Reveal Bot interface showing how to optimize your Facebook ads

6. Chatbots Will Skyrocket Lead Generation


Chatbots are going to get hotter as powerful conversational marketing tools.


Companies will be increasingly using them to engage leads and present prospects with information/answers that’d help them go down the sales funnel.



What does this mean for you in 2020?


Think about building a chatbot that offers personalized customer experience.

Here’s what you can do about it


You can use tools like InstaBot that leverages AI and natural language processing to understand your users, and then curates information, answers queries, captures contacts, and schedules meetings instantly.

7. Video Personalization Will Supercharge Customer Engagement And CTR


This year, expect personalized videos to increase email conversions, boost landing page sign ups, increase event attendance, make nurture more personal, improve customer satisfaction, and so much more.

What does this mean for you in 2020?


Consider personalizing your marketing efforts via video. This includes creating videos that encourage visitors to submit their info on your website. Or, you can deliver special offers via video for better impact.


Similarly, you can thank customers with personalized video after they purchase your product.

Here’s what you can do about it


You can use a tool like Vintom to create your very own personalized videos. Put customer data to work and create unique videos tailored for each individual viewer.


Check out their video below that’s personalized for the banking sector.


While we can’t look into a crystal ball and promise the future, we certainly know that these seven MarTech trends are going to stay relevant in 2020 (and perhaps for years to come).


So, how do you intend to embrace or stay ahead of MarTech trends this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or email us at


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