uae tax invoice format

Today's Article , we will learn to prepare the TAX Invoice for UAE

  1. The words “Tax Invoice” to be clearly mentioned on the invoice.
  2. The name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Registrant making the supply of goods or services.
  3. Where a Recipient of the supply is a Registrant, the name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Recipient. Purpose of mentioning the details of registrant recipient is to make the recipient eligible for input tax recovery on the basis of tax invoice available.
  4. A sequential Tax Invoice number or a unique number which enables identification of the Tax Invoice and sequence of invoice
  5. The date of issue of the Tax Invoice.
  6. Where the date of invoice is different from date of supply, then mention date of supply.
  7. Brief description of the Goods or Services supplied.
  8. Unit price, the quantity or volume supplied, the rate of Tax and the amount payable expressed in AED for each Good or Service.
  9. Amount of any discount offered.
  10. Gross amount payable expressed in AED.
  11. Tax amount payable expressed in AED together with the rate of exchange applied where the currency is converted from a currency other than the UAE dirham.
  12. Where the invoice relates to a supply under which the Recipient of Goods or Recipient of Services is required to account for Tax, a statement that the Recipient is required to account for Tax, and a reference to the relevant provision of the Decree-Law.

The video will guide you step by step uae tax invoice format guide 

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tax credit note format uae

With the recent introduction of VAT in uae , You have to issue several documents like VAT Invoice , VAT Credit and Debit note , etc.  In today's article , I will explain you about how to prepare credit note.

  1. The words “tax credit note” clearly displayed on the invoice
  2. The name, address, and Tax Registration Number of the Registrant making the supply
  3. Where a Recipient of Goods or a Recipient of Services is a Registrant, his name, address, and Tax Registration Number;
  4. The date of issuing the Tax Credit Note;
  5. The value of the supply shown on the Tax Invoice, the correct amount of the value of the supply, the difference between those two amounts, and the Tax charged that relates to that difference in AED;
  6. A brief explanation of the circumstances giving rise to the issuing of the Tax Credit Note; and
  7. Information sufficient to identify the supply to which tax Credit Note relates.


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Effect of introduction of VAT on existing Contracts in UAE

Many corporates in the regular course of business enter into contracts for the supply of goods or services. However, not all the contracts are fulfilled or completed before the introduction of VAT in UAE. Some contracts although entered before the date of introduction but shall be completed after the effective date of 1st January 2018 of introduction of VAT. Clause 6 Article 70 of the Executive regulation of the Federal Decree-Law on VAT provides for the transitional rules relating to VAT on existing contracts.


Reading of Article 70 provides for treatment of tax where supply of goods or services of such contracts are to be completed partly or fully after the effective date of the Decree-Law:


Consideration shall be considered as inclusive of tax Eg: Agreed Value of the contract is AED 1,000. For the purpose of calculating VAT, amount of AED 1,000 shall be considered as inclusive of 5% VAT i.e AED 1,000 is 105% (100% is taxable value and 5% is VAT) Therefore, VAT on such contract shall be AED 47.6 rounded off to AED 48.


Tax shall be calculated regardless of the fact whether it has been taken into account when determining the consideration of the supply.


When all the following conditions are fulfilled, consideration shall be treated as exclusive of tax i.e recipient shall pay VAT in addition to the consideration received.


Where the recipient is or expected to be registrant at the time of introduction of VAT.


Where the recipient can avail the benefit of VAT paid i.e right to recover the input tax incurred.


Supplier has requested to provide the above information and the recipient provides the requested information within 20 days of receiving request


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