How to Improve traffic of your travel blog via guest posting

How to Improve traffic of your travel blog via guest posting


What is Guest Post?

"Guest post" means Content writing and publishing a content or article on someone else's website or blog.


I provide it on my website and want to do it with a viewer on other blogs that I want to speak. It is a fantastic method to connect with new readers and register your name on others' blogs and websites.


But for the longest time, I ignored this necessary discipline to develop a popular blog. I wish I hadn't done that and I hope you won't.


If you write a post on another blog that you do not have, it is called guest posting, when you write a post for another blog, and the administrator of that blog approves it, your post Is called the guest post or guest posting.


How to find travel guest posting website via google


Google is a great place to look for guest posting opportunities. Through the medium of Google, you can easily find a new travel website to post guest. You can search Google through the search of keywords. Just replace the keyword with your industry keyword.


  • Keyword "travel guest post."
  • Keyword "Submit a travel guest post"
  • Keyword "Travel write for us"
  • Keyword "Accepting travel Guest Posts"
  • Keyword "travel Post Guidelines"


These searches may lead you to the guest post guidelines page of the blog, the guest post submission page, or the actual guest posts by other authors.

How to the write guest post for a travel blog?

In an world where everyone is a content creator, more important than ever is to create content that is truly available to your audience.


It is important to write about the things that people want to read. But how do you do it?


Write about the common things asked by different people, then there is a better chance that the large audience there would like to read the blog post.


Another strategy you can use to create awesome content is what I call "scratching your own itch" - in other words, solving a problem.


Your content should solve their problem because if you have this problem, perhaps others do too!


Use images and other creatives in your posts to improve your flow and explain topics in an easy way.


How to Submit a Travel Guest Post?


As a marketer, you probably do not need to tell anyone how valuable content is for your marketing efforts. You are already creating content: I am sure you have some high-quality blog posts and resources for your audience members and your email campaigns and social feeds share that content with customers and followers.


But what know those in your audience who have never heard of you - who are not already browsing your site or subscribing to your communication? What are you doing to reach them and engage them? In a broader strategy, often the place where guest posting comes from.


1.Find the right content.
2.Ignore the biggest guest posting mistake.
3.Remember that the editor is not your servant.
4.Create a pitch email that's as great as your content.


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Benefits of Serviced Apartments Goa

As nations strive to smooth the COVID-19 infection curve, another 'leveling' is ongoing full bore for the uber-rich — it's the flattening of demand for top-end properties.


Serviced apartments are no new passage in the realty segment; they have been there, having an effect, over a decade now. Talking about such tweaked compact spaces, these are completely furnished apartments, accessible for either short-term or long-term stay, giving top tier comforts, housekeeping, and a scope of premium services to the tenant. The amazing in addition to be that most taxes and utilities are already included within the rental cost.

With time, serviced apartments in Goa have become an inclination instead of a mere premium luxury for brief period stays. With an impressive ascent in the youthful working population and continuous business explorers in Goa, the region is seeing a healthy demand and development in serviced apartments. Presently taking a look at the developing trend, most new developments have put such condos in the architectural designs.
Try not to excuse apartments as being exhausting box rooms. There is a variety of apartments accessible, from the budget to the extravagance, with rich insides and top quality furnishings. Apartments offer a completely equipped kitchen, great bed material, towels, and toiletries.
Simple To Book

Suppliers offer their own online booking facilities just as lofts being accessible by means of internet booking operators.
By their very nature, serviced apartments are private, independent lodging. What's more, you will find that they're complete with 24 hour CCTV, secure entry, and frequently clock safety faculty.

Why pick Olive Service Apartments Goa?

We won't take any new bookings except if the property has been empty for three days. All apartments are as a rule profound cleaned meticulously.

We won't meet fresh debuts yet will joyfully give a guided visit via telephone, enumerating how appliances work in the condo, and so on. We will be close by to respond to any questions with respect to our service apartments Goa-and the local area.
Hand wash is accommodated the kitchen and bathrooms. Cleaning items are additionally accommodated your utilization.
After every visitor withdraws, we are meticulously purging the handrails, door handles, and any mutual touch-points.
Every day we require all representatives to follow normal and strict hand washing-procedures to incorporate when eating, before coming back to work regions and at each open door just as thoroughly implementing other significant individual hygiene etiquette.

All housekeepers will be wearing dispensable gloves when cleaning, and for every standard clean, and they will wipe handles and different touch points.


With India's economy persistently extending, the interest for service apartments Goawill keep on ascending alongside the floating working population. The corporate part significantly adds to the requirement for such apartments, yet with its inclination moving to masses, it clearly holds a much promising future.


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All You Need To Know About Jet Skiing In Andaman Islands

The beaches of Andaman and its waves are peaceful, nevertheless, your holidaying in the exotic islands do not have to be so. There are the white sandy beaches, turquoise blue oceans, astonishing historical monument and everything that could tempt any wanderlust to catch their very flight and head to these landmasses across the Andaman Sea near the Bay of Bengal. And these wonderful islands are also not going to disappoint the outsiders. Moreover, a major part of them is because of those nerve-wracking water sports activities for which crystal clear ocean water surrounding the islands are also very popular. Among which, one of the most thrilling aquatic sport could be that of Jet skiing. Let's try to confer more about how they had gained wide popularity among the travelers visiting the Andaman Islands and who are also water sports enthusiasts.


Jet skiing in general


It is a high-speed water sport activity, where a machine powered by a jet engine glides across the water surface.  They may resemble like the engines of a motorcycle, but different in the terms that they moving swiftly amid the waves of the seas.


Possible boons of Jet skiing in Andaman

Other than the thrills and excitement behind the water sport, Jet skiing helps in building the personal coordination and balance in you. Also, you need to have focus and determination to move on the surface waters of the Andaman Sea. It is studied that calorie-burning activity could boost your cardiovascular health. Moreover, you would already be aware that, the physical activity could strengthen the muscles of your legs and arms. And above all that, by engaging in the exhilarating aquatic sports, you will feel to be relieved from any sort of everyday stress and would enliven you.


An activity for all ages


There is no specific age limit to be indulged in Jet skiing. Therefore, even kids in your group could try doing Jet Skiing across the pristine and crystal clear ocean waters surrounding the islands. But the only requisite for jet skiing is that you should be an adventure seeker and must have that quest for doing anything exciting in the azure blue sea-waters of Andaman.


How are Jet skiing different from water scooters

When you compare the exterior structure and its operations, both of them will look almost the same. It would be quite astonishing to realize that the former is actually the name of a popular brand of such kind of water vehicles. However, as time had passed and its popularity had flourished to an exceptional level, almost all such water scooters were addressed under the same label of ‘jet skiing.’ Or in technical terms, they can be said to be a generic term. Moreover, there is nothing wrong for you to say that jet-ski does come under the umbrella term of water scooters, but not all water scooters are jet skies. Water scooters are also called watercraft.


The relevance of Andaman in Jet skiing


As mentioned earlier, Jet skiing is one of the prominent water sports strived by the tourists visiting Andaman. To ride them across the serene sea waters, you just need to pay heed to the instructions given by your instructor. And if you really wish to study the basics from it, show up for a day or two days of class from them. At the end of the day, you will be compelled to admit that, they were one of the best things to happen once traveling to the Andaman Islands with tour packages, as they are going to make your adrenaline rush. Your ride will turn out to be more thrilling when the dolphins inhabiting in the waters would be seen swimming along with you. Furthermore, you could indulge in Jet skiing in the sea waters of Andaman by paying half the amount required for your airfare to reach the islands from the nearest Indian cities.


Places in Andaman where Jet skiing can be indulge

The exciting water sports activity can best be experienced at the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair. Other than that, you may endeavor them in the lively beaches of Andaman Island accompanying your instructor and their valuable directions. Furthermore, disobeying to them with too much excitement and crossing over mentioned speed may harm you by turning upside down.


How safe are Jet skis of Andaman


The activity is done by giving due significance to its safety. Firstly, you must obey the words ordered by the instructors. Also with the strict orders given by the Tourism Department, the safety equipment used by most of the tour operators on the island are of the best quality. The riders will be ordered to adorn an appropriate suit and those mandatory life jackets to save their lives on any crisis.


Best time to endeavor Jet Ski in Andaman


Jet skiing can strive almost all year round in the sea surrounding Andaman, except for the months of June and July, while the sea is rough. Furthermore, the sea will be rough then and making it really difficult for jet skiers to move freely. Moreover, still indulging them while it showers may prove to be fatal. On the other hand, it would be best to endeavour during the winter and spring seasons when the sea is peaceful and clear.


Whatsoever, when considering the entire water sports activities provisioned to the adventure seekers visiting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jet skiing is just a tip of an iceberg. There is a lot to be explored and get excited about. Scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, sea-walking, kayaking and speed boating are few of them. On getting indulged with them, you would soon realize that the islands of Andaman and Nicobar are like no other islands you had ever visited with its diverse wildlife, picture-perfect white sandy beaches, rain forest and what not.


Andaman Tour Travel based in Port Blair will help you in fulfilling your dreams of vacationing in the exotic islands most splendidly by arranging meaningful trips to those historical monuments such as Cellular Jail Museum and Ross Island, wonder island of Baratang and those spectacular beaches at Havelock and Neil Island. Most notably, the reputed tour operator will also include the above-mentioned water sports activities in your tour packages at extremely lower prices. So to avail their enhanced services, you may have to contact them online or ring them up in the WhatsApp Number given on their website.


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Renew your Emirates ID easily online

Emirates ID is proof that you are UAE citizens or residents. When a person from his/her domestic country visits UAE, he/ she is provided with an Emirates ID. When it comes to renewing the Emirates ID and UAE residency visa online, you can easily take help of the services that the UAE authority provides. They understand the need for such a service and made the process online that can be easily filled by anyone. Now you can renew your Emirates ID easily online and lessen the struggles of confusion in the documentation.


A person who visits UAE on a residency visa also has to make sure of his/her passport validity. So, he/she doesn’t want to go through a hectic procedure of getting the ID renewed. Such reasons have made the UAE authority to bring such services online. Afterall, we are getting a Dubai visa online and other permits online too, then why not have the benefit of renewing our IDs online. Also, when you register to the portal, there are many different services of renewal that you can take advantage of by relaxing at your place.


Steps to renew your Emirates ID easily online


Now you can renew your ID in these four easy steps, which do not take much time of your day and will get you a renewed ID in a week. Before registering yourself to the portal, make sure you have the appropriate documents to fill the form.


Documents Required:


1. Hard Copy of your current Emirates ID.
2. Scanned Soft copy of your Emirates ID (both sides).
3. Original passport and its scanned copy.
4. Visa page on the passport (both hard copy and scanned soft copy).


Also, you should have a payment option to make online payments, like a debit or a credit card.

4 effortless steps to renew your Emirates ID




Go to the official website of UAE authority for the renewal of Emirates ID and register yourself as a new user. Fill a legitimate email address. Then, they will ask for verification of your residency in the UAE. After typing your UAE number, you will get an OTP. Make sure you type it correctly. After such verification, you will get a temporary password on your registered email address.
Log in with that password and change it to something you can easily remember by going on Edit Profile.


Go to the Renew your Emirates ID card options for the renewal of the same. Fill the necessary places with the correct information that is on your ID, passport and Visa.




After filling the mandatory details and double-checking them to make sure you fill them right. Click on submit the application. This will take you to the payment portal, where you have to make the payment for your ID renewal. After making such payment,the site will redirect your request to the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship.


Make sure you save a soft copy of the application and also, print it as you have to use it further process.




In the payment portal, the prices you require to pay for the renewal of your Emirates ID depends on your domestic country that is from the country you came. Also, the fees depend on the period for which you are renewing your ID (which can be two or three years). The service charges are the same for everyone as the transaction is taking place on an online platform. Currently, the service charges are Dh40.




If you are an EXPAT, you need to visit a healthcare centre that is approved for the Emirates ID tests.


There, they will examine if you are well for ID renewal or not. Sometimes the renewal gets rejected due to some illness. But if you have some small disease, then you can get a favourable report of medical test after some days.
Usually, it takes a week to get a medical report, and after that, they grant you a renewed Emirates ID.


You can collect your renewed ID from the nearby post office if you made that requirement while filling the application form. Otherwise, you can always download your Emirates ID online and get it printed and laminated as per your wish.


You can also take advantage of this portal for other services that it provides. When you apply UAE visit visa online, make sure to visit the official UAE services website to see what other services you can get.


For more info Click here -


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Car rental in Lucknow

Ogonn offer all kind of self-drive car rental in Lucknow like two-seater car four-seater car five-seater car six-seaters and all big and small size of cars available to know more -


This is all about hire car in Lucknow and about companies which are providing hire car service in Lucknow and about all reasons from where companies begin to supply cars on rent why peoples need the car on rent and what's the financial reason to require a car on rent during this new world, swelling goes to high and high daily so people groups found a good pace cash for the more drawn out term and his kid and family future people groups lease a vehicle for a particular event like marriage party et al. marriage might be an exceptional and significant thing in everybody life and people groups additionally lease on vehicle for trip Even for business, we once in a while lease a vehicle, during which we lease the vehicle steady with our needs.


At some point, 2 days are frequently taken for multi-week, numerous organizations offer this administration like ogonn contract vehicle in Lucknow Which might be a guaranteed organization, when we need a vehicle for short timeframe, at that point we will buy a vehicle, at that point we will contact these organizations There are numerous reasons why individuals lease autos Sometimes we have got a vehicle, yet we've to lease a vehicle on account of the high number of people inside the family.


And additionally here and there we've to hold something So we might want to not take it in your vehicle in light of the fact that conveying the items inside the vehicle likewise can cause stains and in this manner, the seats of the vehicle likewise can fall apart that is the reason we lease the vehicle We lease autos on account of an outsized number of people groups inside the relationships. Since our vehicles can't stand to have various individuals so we've to lease the vehicle We use autos for gatherings also on account of certain issues in our vehicle, we can't abound in the roughage on our vehicle, so we lease the vehicle Or ever need to require the corporate staff on a visit or take them to supper Even then the measure of staff is high, we've to lease autos And a representative at whatever point he goes to an extraordinary spot for a social occasion So he can't buy a vehicle for each spot and he can't overflow with the feed with the least difficult to spare loads of time.


So he takes the vehicle on lease all together that he can without much of a stretch visit each spot and in this manner, the issue of his vehicle is also unraveled. A few people lease vehicles for social events like gatherings or exceptional dates, additionally, a few people wish to dazzle their dates with new games autos or appreciate driving extravagant extravagance vehicles to an occasion. Going is furthermore one the method of reasoning individuals lease a vehicle, we as a whole move in the roughage at some stage however perhaps we need more things to move and others frequently need to move their sorts of stuff without anyone else. All things considered, interestingly, van and trucks procure are typically accessible additionally vans have back lift to frame it simpler for individuals to move their bits of stuff during this new time of today, individuals likewise use vehicles to require their family on a visit.


Like there's a working-class family and she or he can't buy the vehicle and except if there's a vehicle inside the occasion, it's terrible, so he has only one alternative left to lease the vehicle. What's more, this is regularly what they are doing to a contract vehicle organization, who leases a vehicle And rents the vehicle by paying some cash and thrive in the whole of your vacation there are many assessments on account of which people lease autos and that they spare both their time and cash. What’s more, that they don't have to confront the issues, instead of which they have to pay touch cash. Contract vehicles might be an exceptionally intriguing and drifting business. ogonn is furthermore giving vehicle on lease in Lucknow that you must go through some cash and you'll lease the vehicle for booking procure vehicle please visit on


Today hire cars in Lucknow became one of the “must-do” actions when it involves traveling, business trips, transportation, etc. Its increasing necessity made car rental agencies to work more flexibly and improve their performances at work. And that’s mean the policy of car rental companies is processed because of giving many advantages to its customers. And besides all this, car renting really ease customer’s trip-organization procedure


Why people need to Car rental in Lucknow -


Now let us go deep to see all those advantages and find out the reasons why car rental is so efficient.


1. Variety of choice.


As a genuine significant bit of leeway, we'll name an outsizes sort of vehicle types that rental organizations will offer. You're allowed to pick the exact vehicle you'd like for your rental period. Vehicle types are as shifted as events and motivations to lease. From little, financial and compacts to assortment of the first significant SUV s and extravagance vehicle models. Likewise, vehicles and trucks contrast with their transmission. A large portion of the drivers these days feel great with programmed transmission however on the off chance that you incline toward manual, you'll get a proper vehicle. You pick!


2. Rewarded loyalty.


One all the more large bit of leeway of rental autos is that the prize projects that rental offices offer to their unwavering clients! These projects permit clients to gain limits and free updates. It implies your loyalties as a buyer are finding a good pace! In addition, numerous MasterCard organizations likewise can make extra advantages for you, as a result of its associations with a few vehicle rental organizations. Isn't that incredible?


3. Say "NO" to car maintenance fees.


Most vehicle proprietors don't simply like the technique for doing vehicle support. it's frequently time-taking, in any event, exhausting, including paying to an exceptional individual for doing such work. Then again, everybody comprehends that it's one of the significant things to be done before driving. Without keeping support up to this point you'll show up during a calamitous circumstance with the loss of the utilization of the vehicle until it's fixed and may to pay an outsizes measure of cash! The monstrous favorable position of a contract a vehicle is that the organization consistently cares of all upkeep in the middle of customers. So a client doesn't have to stress over it. You just come, take your vehicle and thrive in your excursion!


4. Benefits for a long-term rental!


Depending on benefit programs of the rental company you're using, you will get additional super rewards mostly from long – term rentals! Each company has its threshold about the number of days that are required before allowing long-term price cuts. And according to that you simply are getting your so desirable discounts! Also, frequent long-term rentals will put you during a position to barter your contract within the bounds of the overall price of the vehicle.


5. Deliver, Please.


The feature that's proved to be a plus for all kinds of consumers is bringing a car to your required location. Either you'd wish to possess your car within the shop or another person from your relations needs to use it, or even you're in hit or miss situation once you would like your car at a special location from you, rental agents will bring your car wherever you want! So instead of hiring a taxi or hurrying up to the rental office, you simply relax and your car is being in the right place at the right time. This super-comfortable option will save both a while and money!


6. Avoid wears and tears.


All drivers know that one can never expect a car to be in perfect condition after years of ownership which can cause some problems. Especially once you propose an extended trip, you need to carefully shop around your car to make sure everything is alright. But there could also be a far better way! Within the case of renting you always get a vehicle that runs more efficiently than your own already naturally damaged car. As a result, when maximizing your overall budget, you’ll see that you’ve made big savings.


7. Create your desired image.


Whether you are making a business trip or it’s a university reunion party or maybe you travel somewhere to determine vital person for you, you'd wish to form that perfect impression. car rental gives you that chance. It’s one of the most advantages of renting. Project any image you'd like, as an example, take the most recent sports car or one of the “hot” models that you simply always dreamed about, maybe you prefer big and comfy SUVs, and altogether cases the rental agency will make your dream come true!


8. Special Occasion.


If you'd wish to require all of your relatives, kids and their friends to some special trip or camping there is no better way than booking a minivan! And actually Rental Company as your loyal friend will provide that minivan or even one of the exotic models of vehicles so on form the trip more memorable.


9. Don’t worry about break-downs.


Different unplanned issues may arise during the quantity of your contract. Within the event of a car’s break down, rental agents support you with instructions on who to call or what to undertake to first. And within the case that the vehicle can’t be repaired briefly time, the company will prepare another car with no extra charge. So you'd wish to stress about nothing!


10. Gas pumps savings.


Another reason to rent a car is that you simply are able to choose a vehicle with significantly better mileage than your own car. Furthermore, the agency will assist you to make some savings on fuel costs.


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