TOP 10 Reasons To Use React Native For Mobile App Development

Most consumers want fast details in this digital age and most companies want to give their customers a better mobile app experience. There are so many frameworks for mobile application development. It's high time to start using the mobile market, but users have already seen dozens of apps on their smartphones. What can you show them that's impressive, works great and integrates seamlessly? The answer turns out to be React Native.


React Native app development is bound to become a trend soon because of its cross-platform mobile application development feature similar to PhoneGap. It can be used to create a robust Android and iOS smartphone app. It is an open-source platform for the creation of mobile apps and Facebook has introduced this. React Native app development companies in India and abroad have a soft side to respond native when it comes to choosing.


There are so many successful businesses that have already used React Native framework and never missed a day. Several tech giants including Skype, UberEats, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vogue, Tesla, Bloomberg, and others have switched to React Native for developing iOS as well as Android applications. By selecting React Native, you also get cost benefits. This system paves the way for a user to gain access to the particular app for all formats. It helps you to work coherently as a hybrid mobile app. React Native is also able to provide its users with web-based solutions. It is known for saving time and thus providing a cost-effective solution for the growth of mobile apps.


TOP 10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development:


1) Works with a tight budget also. When you start your company, money is the most important thing you care about. To survive in the tech-savvy market, every start-up wants to achieve fast returns. You have to grow faster and stay longer. The big reason to hire React Native developer is that when you select React Native for mobile app development, you will save time and money.


2) Mobile App Development across different Platforms. It enables you to use the same code to develop applications for both Android and IOS. Thus, without any additional changes, it results in the same performance. You can build a mobile app for your company in no time. There is no longer a need for different languages such as JAVA, Swift, C++, or any other. All you need is a deep JavaScript developer with a native UI library, APIs, and the development of hybrid mobile apps.


3) Different outcomes and versatility under one undemanding solution. Based on ideas, responding to the creation of native mobile apps enables you to perform complex tasks using simple codes. This system uses Facebook's UI library to make applications easier to implement and execute ReactJS. At its heart, the native mobile app developer responds with the feature' Live Reload. It allows us to work on changes to the code in real-time and make corrections while the app is being loaded.


4) The objective is bound to the UI and access to the Native API. This allows one to make UI look just like a JavaScript and less like a framework itself. It is a technique used to simplify the process and make the user interface work smoothly to produce fast responsive high-end results. Build your business with a mobile app without any complexity.


5) The key Android and IOS code base makes things simple. The programming at the base stage uses the same code for both operating systems. It's like running the same software on all mobile operating system forms. It's quick to recompile the app at any point you want without any changes in the code. In a comparable language, the entire module is written to connect it to the creator of the native mobile device.


6) It's super easy to turn a website into a mobile app. Native interfaces are explicitly and correctly interfaced with the scattered module and intuitive application overlays. It means that any developer can grasp the application's sequence of codes. For keeping the app working, having a core developer team is not compulsory. In times of shifting personnel and looking for external limits, one can easily adapt to the environment and the situation does not stop the application's progress.


7) Functions like a native app. The basic building blocks of such an app are assembled from native platforms to their origin. Components of the WebView framework can be completely overlooked during the production of hybrid mobile apps. For both IOS and Android, both codes are equivalent to React. This operates much more reliably with a handful of entities and responds more easily to all conjunctions. React Native's basic units are open to all specifications for mobile gadgets. Thus, it performs lucratively under the mobile environment. Modern processors are typically central processing units, but modern reactors choose to use graphics processing units to conveniently install their user interface. This helps us to build and execute faster and improve the app's agility compared to other cross-platform mobile app creation and android frameworks.


8) Comparatively less memory use. It is compliant with 3rd party plugins and offers smoother run-time for React Native software. With its well-diversified modules, the lucrative platform makes the participation of the 3rd party much simpler. You can easily connect the module to the plugin via the native module without using WebView. This process is directly linked to the resulting features of the app, which enables a quicker response. The native React for iOS and Android devices requires much less memory space because there is no need for cross-bridge linking and most codes are used during runtime.


9) It will not disappear soon. The creator of the native mobile app responds in the coming decades. Any developer has trouble avoiding the user-friendly manual and timely assorted structure. The app development sector is almost filled in no time. Facebook is ensuring it stays longer. The architecture is gradually being built every day to give us solutions to all our problems. The developers no longer need to learn about different languages and create complex codes where you can simply create anything using native React.


10) Futuristic and versatile project strategy. With the implementation of a system that interfaced with both iOS and Android, a single application is sufficient to eliminate bugs and improve them daily. Although the operations are basic, this one has long been on the market. This module is used by all major heads, so it is obvious to be more reliable and responsive.


Is the Native React perfect for your project?


You have now discovered some of React Native's benefits, but are you still not sure whether you should use it in your project? Let’s talk about the following points.


- Good on your Budget: React Native is the best tool out there if you need to develop an app for both iOS and Android. The codebase can be that by around 95%, saving you time and money. Also, React Native has a range of pre-built component open-source libraries that can help you speed up the development process further.


- Develop great mobile apps: For mobile apps, React Native is perfect. It offers a user interface that is sleek, seamless, and sensitive while reducing load time significantly. Creating apps in React Native, as opposed to building native ones, is also much faster and cheaper without sacrificing consistency and functionality.


- Develop with existing skills: Since React Native is JavaScript-based, it won't take the developers long to get to grips with it. That said, it is an open-source and community-driven project, so it is widely available online if they ever need support.


- Integrate third-party plugins: You can also easily integrate third-party plug-ins and APIs, including maps and payment systems, with React Native.


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Success is A Journey Not A Destination

Short Speech On Success a Journey not Destination for Students



Dear students as you know that life is full of twists and turns. The way to success is full of hardships, one need to work hard to attain success. There is a famous proverb that No gain without pain. All the successful people worked hard to achieve success, your hard work never goes wasted.


Success is basically about how you can turn adverse situations in your favor. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm and determination. Behind every human effort lies a hope for success.


Nobody has ever been successful overnight. Always trust at yourself and have patience. Never be disappointed if you lose. Life is full of challenges and opportunities, always grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges to succeed in life.


Success is simply the feeling of satisfaction and happiness, never ever give up until this feeling is fully met. I believe that the essential ingredient to nail success is to believe that we are already successful because with the strong affirmative thought success can be easily achieved.


The journey to success is very challenging, so follow your passion, build confidence and work in a disciplined manner because success is a journey which continues even after the goal is achieved.


Always remember that success is a continuous journey not a final destination, so never only aim to getting, attaining, achieving and acquiring success. It’s easy to attain success but very difficult to stay grounded and lead a life of satisfaction and happiness.



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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Medical Contract Coder

The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) is America’s largest medical coding training and credentialing organization for healthcare contract coders.

Today, we’re explaining the importance of hiring a licensed medical contract coder for your organization.


Affordable Coding Without Compromising on Quality


Sometimes, outsourcing a job to a remote worker leads to issues with quality or security.

Medical organizations, of course, cannot afford to compromise on quality or security.


That’s why good licensing is crucial. Good licensing ensures your outsourced medical contract coders meet a certain minimum set of requirements for quality and security.


At the same time, these outsourced specialists cost significantly less than in-house employees. Your organization is saving money with no discernable drop-off in quality. That’s a net win for any organization.


Multiple Licensing Specializations Are Available


Some licensing requirements are too broad to be genuinely effective. The AAPC, however, provides multiple types of certification to address multiple aspects of the healthcare industry.


Types of AAPC certification available today include:


· Medical coding certification


· Medical billing certification


· Medical auditing certification


· Medical documentation


· Medical compliance certification


· Practice manager certification


· Specialty medical coding certification


Healthcare has become increasingly complex. Specialized AAPC certifications help licensed medical contract coders stay on top of the latest changes.


Instead of hiring a generalist to do a specialized job, it’s now easier than ever to hire a specialist to perform a specialized job.


Demand for Medical Coders is Rising, and Licensing is More Important Than Ever


Medical coding is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. Job growth for medical records and health information technicians, which includes medical coders, is projected to grow 13% by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. That’s significantly higher than the average growth rate among all other applications.


Of course, this high growth rate is a double-edged sword.


The high projected growth rate for medical coders will force organizations to compete for high-end medical contract coding talent. As demand rises, there could be an influx of inexperienced, unlicensed medical coders into the marketplace. Organizations desperate for medical coders may take a risk by hiring unlicensed coders – only to face serious consequences in the future.



Improved HIPAA Compliancy


Medical contract coders may work for your organization remotely, but they still have to abide by HIPAA requirements.


When you hire an unlicensed medical contract coder, you’re increasing the possibility of a HIPAA violation. Most licensing courses, including AAPC licensing courses, cover HIPAA in-depth to ensure licensed medical contract coders remain compliant.


Ongoing Education is Required


As with many licensing organizations, the AAPC offers ongoing licensing opportunities to help medical coders stay relevant.


The organization allows medical coders to subscribe to lectures throughout the year, for example, and access ongoing continuing education courses.


Certified Coders Are Simply Better at Their Jobs


Put simply, a certified medical coder is a more efficient medical coder. Certified and licensed coders can ensure:


· Coding accuracy and specificity that translates to more efficient processes at every stage of the organization


· Ongoing internal audits to identify high-risk areas and areas of improvement


· Compliancy and security from top to bottom


Other Things to Know About Licensed Medical Contract Coders


Other things employers need to know about licensed medical contract coders include:



Understanding Different Medical Coding Licensing Systems


When searching for a licensed coder, look for the following designations:


CCS-P: Certified Coding Specialist – Physician Based


CCP: Certified Professional Coder


COC: Certified Outpatient Coder


CRC: Certified Risk Adjustment Coder


CPPM: Certified Physician Practice Manager


CPCO: Certified Professional Compliance Officer


CDEO: Certified Documentation Expert – Outpatient


CPMA: Certified Professional Medical Auditor



The AAPC is the World’s Largest Medical Contract Coding Credentialing Organization


In some industries, there are multiple licensing organizations and it can create confusion among employers. Fortunately, medical coding has one clear licensing organization: the AAPC.


The AAPC is the world’s largest training and credentialing organization for the business of healthcare. It has more than 190,000 members worldwide.


The next time you need to hire a medical contract coder, make sure the coder is licensed by the AAPC. Otherwise, you’re exposing your organization to significant risk – and missing out on all the benefits listed above.



HMI Corp is a Leading Licensed Medical Contract Coding Specialist


At HMI Corp, every coder must be credentialed as one of the following: RHIA, RHIT, CCS, or COC.


Because of our credentialing requirements – and for many other reasons – our medical coding specialists are qualified to assist clients quickly and efficiently in a variety of settings. Our team has a proven ability to identify and solve complex medical coding issues.


Our medical coding services specialists are experienced in the use of TruCode, Meditech, VISTA, 3M, McKesson, Cerner, Epic, and CHCS/CHCSII. Contact HMI Corp today to discover how our licensed medical contract coders can optimize your healthcare organization.


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How to blog the right way

In this age, we are bombarded with a lot of information. If you are in the habit of educating people, if you think that you have the necessary skills that will help other people know the information that you have, then it is the right time to start a blog. Blogging is one of the most effective ways of dispersing information. As a web design company we know it.


There are people who blog to educate others, there are some who write quality blog posts for recognition and of course there are some who write heavily to get traffic and to sell products. Whatever aim you have to write a blog post, there are some key elements that you should keep in mind. While it is fairly easy to start a blog however to get a ton of visitors and to monetise that blog is on the different level altogether.


Let's read on to find out how we can improve our blog writing and posting skills to get the best benefits out of them.


1. Write quality content : I know this is cliched but content is the king. There is no doubt about it and no two ways about that statement. Whether you infuse your blog with images or videos or funny GIFS, it won't help if your content isn't delivering to the expectations people have of it. If somebody is visiting your blog and reading your post, they have a pre-qualified notion of gaining some valuable information. If you don't have quality in your blog post and are falling short of it, then nothing else will help gain traction.


2. Being consistent : Yes, this sounds easy. How many times did you sit down to write that blog post but life came in between? There are times when you have the best ideas and want to put them on paper immediately however other times that excitement doesn't seem to hold up very often. I understand that is very normal and very human but the difference between a decent blogger and a great blogger is the consistency in the outputs of the posts. If you are great at writing and can write even one post every day, then stick with it. Even one post a day means 30 blog posts each month, which is quite a good number.


3. Promote your blog : So you have been writing blog posts for quite some time but not getting enough traffic? This sounds very familiar and is a story that gets repeated by far too many bloggers as well. It is an erroneous belief that writing blog posts will automatically get you free traffic. No, it isn't the case any longer. There's far too much competition so if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you have do some real marketing work. Promoting your blog is one of the best ways to get more traffic. You can post them in relevant groups, on social media and even guest post on somebody else's website. This will not only help in spreading your post but also get you recognition.


4. Do some S.E.O : After putting in hours of hard-work you definitely want to get some free traffic. Search engines are good at understanding content and then channel relevant traffic to your website if they find it worthwhile. While it is important that you write well however you should also optimize your blog posts (or rather any online piece of content) for the various search engines. This will help them in determining what your blog is all about as well reward you with better search engine rankings. Keep in mind though that any negative or spammy tactics are clearly frowned upon and will only result your blog rankings to tank or go off the grid completely. SEO companies can help with that.



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