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Importance of Time Tracking In Law Firm

Time is a major part of everyone's daily life. Without proper time management, it is quite tough to perform daily tasks promptly. If you are also struggling with time management in your law firm, then make use of the time tracking option in your legal software. Let's read the article till its end to know the importance of time tracking and how the growth of legal tech India is very much needed nowadays.

Improve The Overall Billing System

Generally, for self-employed lawyers or in a big firm, the time you will be spending with your client will be considered billable hours. In that case, it could be difficult to calculate the time you spend on client cases. Apart from clients, there are also a few parts where time tracking is required; such as

● Responding to phone call
● Researching the case
● Interrogation with witness
● Travelling, meeting, etc

The time tracking enables you to track time for all of these parts easily, so you can bill your customer at the end of the case.

Identify The Areas That Consume a Lot of Time

The time tracking tools help you in getting the exact data about where your time is being spent and how much is it. A detailed time entry helps you to understand what is taking too much time and where you need efficiency. So, you can easily identify the legal draining time and take steps to overcome it.

Reveals The Inefficiencies Of A Firm

The time tracking option of a litigation case management software India is not only capable of counting billable hours, but also it can find out the time spent on non-legal activities. A firm not only handles the legal cases but also needs to handle other parts such as marketing, accounting, administration etc. In that case, if the firm spends a lot of time on non-legal activities, they can hire personnel for individual departments.

Access To Mobile

The legal software is accessible on mobile also. It makes a huge benefit, particularly for the on-the-go lawyers. A lawyer needs to be always on the go for the courtroom, office, lunch meeting, etc. In that case, it gets difficult to carry a pc, so legal software makes the job easy. The on-the-go lawyers find it tough to track their time, but the legal software provides them access to use it on mobile so they can track time even outside of the firm.

Customized Report Option

Every law firm has its challenges for the efficacy of its service. The customized report option in the time tracking tool provides a clear visualization of their report. The manager can get an accurate view of the firm's performance, work-in-progress, etc. As per the performance and view of the firm, the manager can take necessary steps also. The other lawyers also get a view of their work and they can understand how they can improve.


Whether the law firm is large or small - the importance of time tracking is undeniable. Although there are still many law firms who still use the traditional and manual method of time tracking, the digital time tracking software provides limitless options for tracking time. Once you get a legal software India, you will also get a time tracking tool. So, use it and proceed further for a bright career in your professional life.


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