Stainless Steel Pipe For Water Is Twice The Price Of PPR Pipe

Currently, the water supply pipes on the market include ppr pipes, copper pipes, and stainless steel water pipes. Due to the high price of copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, people generally choose ppr pipes as the main water supply and delivery pipes.


In recent years, the stainless steel pipe supplier market has been hot, not only hotels, schools, hospitals, municipal projects, etc. have begun to use stainless steel pipes, the home decoration has begun to use stainless steel pipes for water as well.


In fact, compared with the ppr pipes, the price of the stainless steel pipe does not have any advantage. It is still several times higher.


What is the reason that expensive one, the stainless steel pipe for water is more popular?


PPR water pipes have low hygienic performance


water in ppr pipes

How many people know that there is such a cause of disease in the plastic pipes we use. Because plasticizers, antioxidants, etc. must be added in the production of plastic pipes, because our daily drinking water is still in the pipeline for a long time, the time is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also prone to "smelly water phenomenon".


Drinking this water for a long time will cause great harm to the body.

PPR water pipes have poor safety and reliability


The plastic pipe is a hot-melt connection, and this connection method does not easily control its temperature. When the temperature is too low, the connection will not be tight and water will leak; on the contrary, the plastic material will be seriously deteriorated and the joint will be brittle.


Even if the temperature control is very good, the plastic at the joint is actually equivalent to the secondary use of plastic after remelting. It is a weak point in the pipe system, and the pressure bearing is relatively low. Generally, it is only allowed to work within 0.6mpa.


Plastic water pipe has a short service life


The aging problem of PPR pipe is more prominent, and it can only be used for 15-20 years at most, and the house has a much longer service life, so that at least several times of destroying all the decoration to replace the pipe, it is costly and laborious.


For stainless steel pipe, it does not have these shortcomings mentioned above. Please check article for details: why stainless steel pipes are better than PPR pipes.


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Maintenance cart

Introduction :

Maintenance carts are designed and manufactured by Uratech USA Inc in order to efficiently store and organize your Tools for the work that needs to be done. Variety of choices for a cart are needed for an organization according to the kinds of tools they were handling in their industrial area.. Uratech is one such manufacturer, who majorly focus on industrial requirement and design their carts accordingly? One of those carts they tailored in their manufacturing unit is the Maintenance cart.


Maintenance cart :

Uratech manufactures Maintenance cart which has its own uniqueness and advantage, mainly fast moving in the market. In this blog we are particularly going to speak about our new type of utility cart being name as Maintenance cart which has 3 drawers with lockable option and Peg board.Due to its uniqueness it is the most wanted product in the industry. The cart is made of Cold rolled steel with a thickness of about 16 gauge, the cart is powder coated in order to prevent the cart from easy rusting when it is exposed in the extreme industrial conditions. Cart provided with black anodized aluminum handle in order to move the cart smoothly. Bottom tray in the cart can be used to store consumables.


Heavy duty smooth rolling industrial castors which can withhold up to 1200lb are installed in the cart. The cart has 4 castors in that 2 were rigid and the other 2 has swivels (wheels with breaks), which drives the cart and controls its movement in the industrial floor .In order to cop up with the toughest industrial floor these castors were designed heavily to withstand and bear huge load and capacity, since it was one of the main reason for the carts lifetime.


How it is different from other Carts :

Uratech is very peculiar in selecting up the raw material and each product with its uniqueness and has high capability to withdraw its features and can be utilized for a longer run. It has peg boards with hooks and plastic bins for hanging tools and for placing nuts and bolts securely in plastic bin.3 drawers with ball bearing slides and lockable options to secure the valuable(Keyed internal lock system). The slides length is about 16 inches .Each drawers can hold 75lb.


Why it is the most needed

Due its longer run it is the most needed product in the market. More particularly it has that storage unit, which is capable of storing the entire essential in the work area safely. This avoids a lot of mess in the work area .Employees can store the important items like purse and other measuring instruments like scale,tapes,calculators,vernier caliper, screws, bolts and etc. Our cartscan be easily transported from one place to another according to the convenience of work. Maintenance cart gives a safe, comfort and easily transportable space for all the tools and essentials in one single common cart, that’s why it is the most needed one in the industry. It is highly beneficial to buy this cart as it composes of the whole lot feature and very cost effective too.


Conclusion :

Choosing our Maintenance cart for your projects, can save lot of your investment. Not only investment it further increases your production level. Never miss a cart like Uratech’s Maintenance cart, which has many unique features and has lots of options available in a single small space in the form or a cart and actually a great friend for both your needs and machines.



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Short Overview of Different Parts of Shot Blast Machine

Shot Blasting is a process used for the treatment of surfaces with the assistance of high velocity steel abrasives. The shot blasting method aids in obtaining exceptional cleaning and preparation of the surfaces for the secondary finishing operations.

The process of shot blasting is commonly used for the purpose of the following:

  • For cleaning of metals like: iron, steel, forgings, non- cast parts and many more.

  • For mechanical cleaning of: sheets, wire, rods, coils, etc.

  • For shot peening to alter the mechanical properties such as for increasing resistance to fatigue for springs, gears, etc.

  • Preparation of surfaces for secondary operations like painting, coating, etc.

In general, the process of shotblasting focuses on throwing the abrasive particles at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled way at the material to be blasted and as a result removing the contaminates on the surface with the help of the abrasive impact.

When the process of shot blasting was on its peak in the 1930s it was used with compressed air for propelling the steel shots.



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Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market Share and Industry Outlook

22 Jan 2019 - Global Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming years as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe. Plastic gears are made using engineering plastics like polyacetal (POM) and MC Nylon that are polyamide resin. These are lightweight, non-rusting and can be operated without lubrication by mating with metal gears. Moreover, using a single mold, injection molded plastic components can be produced and are cost efficient as they do not require secondary finishing. It is exclusively used to make tricky shapes like, worms, internal gearing, and cluster gearing.

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Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market is segmented based on accessories, materials, application, and region. Accessories such as Non-Circular Gear, Spur Gears, Segment Gears, Parallel-Axis Helical Gears, Evoloid Gears, Crossed-Axis Helical Gears, Cycloidal Gears, Internal gears, Face Gears, and Planetary Gears classify Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market.

 Materials such as High-Performance Plastic Gears, POM Plastic Gears, PC Plastic Gears, Nylon Resin Plastic Gears, PET Plastic Gears, and others classify Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market. Applications into Medical Industry, Automobile Industry, Industrial Equipment, Electronic and Electrical Appliances, and others classify Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market. Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market is segmented geographically into Americas (North America, South America), Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

The key players of Injection Molded Plastic Gears Market are Song Horng Precise Plastic, Gleason, Yeh Der Enterprise, Designatronics, FramoMorat, Winzeler Gear, Santomas Vietnam Joint, AmTech International, Nozag, IMS Gear, OECHSLER, Rush Gears, Kohara Gear Industry, Euro Gear, Shuanglin Group, Creative & Bright Group, Nordex, Ningbo Tianlong Electronics, and Essentra. These players are concentrating on inorganic growth to sustain themselves amongst fierce competition. As such, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures are the need of the hour.

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Handheld Label Printer Market Growth and Trends Forecast 2025

18 Jan 2019 - The Global Handheld Label Printer Market is estimated to develop at a substantial CAGR in the years to come. The necessity of proximal and instant admission to label printers by the moveable workers, worldwide, is motivating the progress of this market. Handheld label printers are lightweight and able to work coupled to a computer, offering the required suppleness to an entire crowd of specialists for example marketing administrators, florists, and caterers.

The international Handheld Label Printer Market is divided by Type of Product, Type of End Use, and the Area. The division of the international Handheld Label Printer Market on the source of Type of Product spans Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade and Household & office Grade. The division of the international Handheld Label Printer Market on the source of Type of End Use with reference to intake in terms of Trades, Market stake and Development percentage of Handheld Label Printer for respective end use spans Home & Office & Education, Retail & Logistics, Manufacturing and the others.

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The division of the international Handheld Label Printer Market on the source of Area with reference to the Trades in Thousand Units, Profits in Million US$, Market segment and Development proportion of Handheld Label Printer for these areas spans North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. By means of area, Asia Pacific is the most important area in Handheld Label Printer Market. The digitization of businesses in this area is motivating the progress of the market.

Usage of progressive expertise is restraining the Handheld Label Printer market in North America. Europe will display a huge promotion in the development of Handheld Label Printer business owing to improved usage of Handheld Label Printer in several arenas. Asia Pacific nations, for example India and China will display vast progress in the Handheld Label Printer international market owing to rise in job openings.

The international handheld label printer market is concerned by means of the existence of a restricted number of companies. Some of the important companies operating in the Handheld Label Printer Market on the international basis are Epson, Brother, 3M, and DYMO. Additional companies in the market consist of Staples, Maplin Electronics, Graphic Products, Office Depot MTC Bio, Argos, and Brady.


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