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5 Tips For Arranging Air Ambulance or Medevac Flight Service

Putting someone on board in an air ambulance is a big decision that needs to be made carefully. If someone needs to be transported via air ambulance, it means the patient’s health condition is already compromised. If possible, make sure that the trip will not affect any serious condition to the patient. An Air ambulance is a customize helicopter or aircraft that transports injured or sick people.


In an air ambulance flight, there is no guarantee of a smooth flight onboard. However, a bit of research can increase the chances of a smooth flight. We provide a few tips that may help you if you will arrange an air ambulance.


5 Tips For Arranging Air Ambulance or Medevac Flight Service:


1. Know What to Ask For

Medevac is the other term for medical evacuation, it is often used with the term air ambulance. Medevac can imply other types of medical transportation and medical evacuation on the ground. If you are searching for medical transportation through air, always use the air ambulance.

2. Know how the Price is being quoted

Air Ambulance costs do not usually an issue until the bill arrives. When you need this kind of service cost will not matter for your loved one to be transported via air ambulance. To avoid issues by the cost of the air ambulance, make sure that the additional mileage, flight crew, landing, and other fees, taxes, medical expenses of onboard medical equipment, medical staff, other medical consultations, and ground transportation are included in the quotation.


3. Check Air Ambulance Safety

So many people assume that just because a company offers air ambulance service it has a solid track record for safety. This is not a safe assumption. Few regulatory requirements exist for an air ambulance company which means that just about anyone can hang a sign and open the doors for business. It’s not hard to use the Internet to check on an air ambulance company’s safety record. Never choose this magnitude without first checking into the history of the air ambulance company.

Most people thinking that a company that offers air ambulance service has a clean track record for safety. Assumptions can lead you to a problem. Some requirements need for an air ambulance company is anyone can sign and open for business. It is not that hard to use the internet to check the background of an air ambulance companies safety records. Do a background check first and check their history before choosing them.

4. Choose the right-sized Aircraft

Choosing an air ambulance depends on its specifications. It depends also on what will be the best use for the patient’s condition, it’s either helicopter, propeller plane, or jetliner. Also, check how many passengers will be accompanied by the patient including medical staff and flight crew. Check also what medical equipment and medical supplies need to carry with the patient, these are the most issues that will help you to determine what the patient needs while traveling, but for safety and comfortability too.


5. Start with a Medical Consultation

If the air ambulance company you choose doesn’t offer to consult with you before the flight, then it’s time to search for another air ambulance company that will do that.

If you need Air Ambulance or Medical Evacuation Flights, Fly Charters can provide you air ambulance service anywhere in the world. Fly Charters have a wide range of aircraft that is suitable for medevac flights.



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