What is SEO?

By connecting people closely regardless of the physical location, Web takes its place in the creation. It's over two billion users based on the survey report of United Nations' ICT. As net joins nearly every one nowadays, search engine optimization takes its location by

supplying modern-based solutions to most businessmen across the globe, delimiting the market boundaries and expanding the  target market of the products and the solutions.


What's SEO now?


SEO today differs in the SEO ten years back. There are rules different from the principles during the time it had begun. As these

rules have changed, SEO plans also have shifted to adapt items which are suitable by the search engines. It does mean that the

search engines would be the rulers.


The main question here is how important is SEO towards the accomplishment of all businessmen goal - profits. All their

activities are concentrated on it to reach profits.


To be able to dissect SEO's main job in helping their purpose is achieved by the businessmen, it is vital to take a look on how it

functions. The fragments of thoughts are laid down. You might also want to read 10 Search Engine Optimization Facts you shouldn't miss


The hottest Search Engine Optimization Strategies. 


1. SEO applies the principle of research. Research implies it is required to identify keywords which are relevant and accurate to

the users' inputs from the search engines. Identifying keywords also reflects to the common keywords monitored and received by the

search engines. The key point is to have keywords with searches but with low or medium competition level.


2. In absorbing a lot of skimmers and searchers in the web SEO admits the role of articles that are online. Internet is thought as

the supply of ideas and data. With this articles should be free of errors and ought to be qualitative and original. These posts

are used in both on-page and off-page optimization.


3. SEO uses media of enhancing promotional mechanisms with respect in its own spectrum. The social media, i.e. Facebook and

Twitter, are used in optimization by way of establishing numerous possible customers. In SEO concept, the enthusiast pages are the

stations that can be employed to create links going to the site.


4. SEO executes powerful strategies in link building. That is a point in relation to traffics production as the primary

determinant from the search engine ranking of the sites. There are SEO link building methods like website submission services

commenting, link wheel and social bookmarking to name a few. All of them are moored on something - to have natural and quality

links moving to the site.


SEO Helps Businessmen Generate Profits


All things are interlinked clearly. SEO builds and produces traffics through the interrelated methods mentioned in order to

achieve a frequent goal - site ranking in the top page of their search engines. Business sales is implied by being at the top page

as most individuals who've used the search engines have discovered the products or services promoted from the site that is ranked.

SEO ranks website and website converts business investment into gains.


Read more SEO and Content Writing facts in my website.



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Pakistan Day

The Muslim League held its annual session at Minto Park in LahorePunjab, that lasted from the 22nd of March to the 24th of March 1940.[8] During this event, the Muslim League led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other Founding Fathersnarrated the events regarding the differences between Hindus and Muslims, and introduced the historical resolution that cemented the formation of a nation-state in South Asia as Pakistan, even though it did not actually mention Pakistan at all.[9]

The resolution was passed on 23 March and had its signatures from the Founding Fathers of Pakistan. It reads as:

[Quoting Resolution:] No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary. That the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute independent states in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign.


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How to write a thesis?

A thesis is a series of arguments combined with the explanation and discussion of research. It is the first official document that gets Master students in the state of being a researcher. The thesis proves the student's ability to work independently and to solve a scientific problem by his own (including the supervisor or mentor). A thesis statement reflects the main point, the main idea, or central message that tells the reader what the thesis is about. Thethesis writing services statement is generally located at the end of an opening paragraph. A good thesis has two parts, one tells what the student plans to argue and the other tells how the student plans to argue (that is a particular support for the argument).


How to create a thesis?


Before developing an argument on any subject, the student has to collect and organize evidence, look for possible relationships between known facts, surprising contrasts or similarities. Then think about the significance of these relationships. Getting a great idea for the thesis, then due to lack of concentration forgetting it is extremely a frustrating situation. So, once ideas are built and research is done means the student has a working thesis. Now write it down, this will force one to think of it logically, clearly and concisely. At first attempt, the student will not able to write a final draft but he will be on the right track by writing what he has.


How strong is the thesis?


To know how strong the thesis is, review the first draft and evaluate it. It must be done by the mentor, in case if the mentor is not available student himself can also do it. While reviewing the first draft of the thesis, the student should ask several questions to himself; such as:


  • Did I answer the question? This will help the student to fix an argument that misses the focus of the thesis statement.

  • Is the thesis statement specific?

  • Will the thesis inspire the reader to ask “Why” and “What”?

  • Did the thesis lead the reader towards the subject or topic sentence?


To write an excellent thesis, answers to these questions must be always “yes”.


Thesis format


An excellent presentation of the thesis makes the first impression upon the instructor. Therefore, the thesis should be nicely presented as per the guidelines of the university. The format of the thesis includes:


  • Fonts, chapter headings, margins, citations, and references, all must match the formatting and placement used within the rest of the thesis.

  • Line spacing, the size of figures, tables and graphs, underlining, should be strictly used according to the guidelines.

  • Every chapter should not include its own abstract.

  • The date on the title page should be the year when committee approves the thesis other than the date of completion or publication of individual chapters.

  • If one wants to include the previously published work, this information can be included in the preface for the thesis.


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How To Write A Research Paper?

In almost every student’s career there comes a time when they are assigned to write a research paper. Writing a research paper creates a great deal of anxiety in the student. It makes students spend a lot of time in the library and more hours toiling with notes, drafts and dealing with rules of documentation. The research paper writing is an essential aspect of academics. Before starting a research paper student should know what a research paper is all about. The research paper writing involves surveying a subject of knowledge in order to find the best possible information about that subject.

The research paper writing includes the following sections that are related to its process:



There are two major types of research papers. These are an argumentative research paper and an analytical research paper. The argumentative research paper consists of an introduction that clearly introduces the topic and informs the audience which stance it intends to. The main goal of the argumentative research paper is persuasion that is the chosen topic should be debatable and controversial. The analytical research paper often begins with a research question and it’s an exercise of evaluation and exploration.


Choosing the topic

Understanding the topic or subject is the very first step of writing a research paper. If it is not done student may face many ups and downs, causing wastage of time while writing a research paper. A clear understanding of the topic will allow students to focus on other aspects of a research writing process.


Identifying the audience

Identifying the audience is the essential ingredients of research papers writing services. In many cases, students get confused between his instructor and the larger academic crowd to whom to make his audience in writing a research paper. The instructor must be considered as one part of the audience. Some questions that help students while identifying his audience are:


Who is the general audience that you want to reach?

Who is most likely interested in your research work?

What is it about your topic that interests the general audience you have discerned?


If the audience you are writing for is not particularly interested in your topic, what should you do to attract his interest?


Will each member of the broadly conceived audience agree with what you have to say?


If not, what counterarguments should you be prepared to answer?

So, it is extremely important for students to articulate an audience in between the two.


From where to begin


For writing a research paper there is neither a template and nor a shortcut, the only thing that helps is the practice of writing and experience. To become an experienced research paper writer, a student must not only be particular to his genre, topic and audience, but also be skilled in doing research, outlining, drafting and revising (editing and proofreading).


The above mentioned are only a few guidelines to write a research paper. Students can develop their own styles, techniques and rules for doing research, making an argument and drafting the content of their work. But if one follows the above process will be on his way to writing good research papers.



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How To Write A Dissertation?

The dissertation is a formal written treatise that covers a specific subject in great detail. One can also say it is an extended piece of writing based on broader research and reading. The dissertation reflects one’s own learning and understanding about the particular subject. It is the final step of the Ph.D. program coming after the successful completion of comprehensive Ph.D. exams. The dissertation is in a form of a book comprising at least four to six chapters. It is intended for a technical audience and should be clear and complete.


Before the student starts to write the first draft of the dissertation, he should already gather a wealth of notes and ideas. Planning is an essential part of writing a dissertation. The student should beforehand, plan about the abstract and detailed breakdown of a particular chapter. The abstract is a one-page description that summarizes how the entire dissertation is structured and presented.


Generally, a dissertation is comprised of the many sections. Some of its sections are mentioned below:



Introduction part describes the aims and objectives, the context of the work, the exegesis, the research hypothesis, the exclusion, the conventions adopted and the shape (outlined, chapter by chapter) of the dissertation.



The abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the of the research question, methods, results and conclusions of the Dissertation writing services. It should be concise, well-organized, coherent and readable. The abstract should be completed in one page. The purpose of an abstract is to tell the potential reader what he is looking for.


Literature review

The literature review section outlines the previous work on the same subject and format it to inform about your current research. The literature review also includes the present knowledge of the research as well as a methodological and theoretical contribution to the specific subject.



This topic of the dissertations explains the systematic type of research methodology and data analysis used by the student in his research. It includes the chosen research paradigm, context and constraints, research strategy, research design, theoretical model, and quantitative or qualitative techniques.



The results section of the dissertation, reports the findings of the study based upon the methodologies student applied to gather information. It must state the findings of the research in a logical sequence without any bias.


Conclusion and future work

The conclusion and future work section of the dissertation must be brief and to the point. In this section, the student has to discuss what he founds from his work, incidental ideas and results. This chapter summarizes all the important results of the dissertation. It also describes the areas for future research.



The reference section of the dissertation lists all work cited in the dissertation. These all listed items in the references should have been cited in the dissertation text. The referencing must be made as per the guidelines of the college or university. Some referencing styles are APA, Haward, Chicago, MLA and various others.



The appendices of the dissertation describe the ordinary details about the subject that are extremely important for the development of the dissertation, which are not published anywhere else. This can include video and audio materials, pertinent raw data in the form of, consent, letters of introduction to the subjects, questionnaires, survey, etc.


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