Sales 101 How to handle customer complaints like a pro

Oh boy!

Your worst nightmare has just come true.

You’ve just started your career as a sales rep and a month later you’re left to deal with a disgruntled customer to your own devices. Yikes!


Have you ever been a situation like this? Well, if you have or are anticipating it, I’ve compiled a list of how -to’s that will help you get out of the rut, with your dignity and job intact.

So, here. we. go.



Alright so, first things first, you can’t get to the solution if you don’t know the problem, right?

Listening is your knight in shining armor in this case. Listen and listen right, listen well. But don’t just sit there. Let the customer address all of his/her issues. Respond using neutral phrases such as ‘I understand’ or ‘hmm, okay’ you get the gist.


While you’re at it, be on a look out for a pause. This is your chance to console them by giving them what they want to hear. If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry, connect them to your supervisor and you’re good.


Whatever you do – do not interrupt, unless you’ve got a death wish.


Don’t be a nervous wreck

No matter where you’re at, in your sales or client servicing career, it is natural to get a little anxious when such a situation arises. But the trick is to not let it get the best of you.

I have a trick that I use when I’m on calls or when I’m asked to talk to a large audience. I hold a pen in one of my hands, as if to channel all my nervousness to it so that I can be far relaxed when conversing.

You might prefer a paperclip or an eraser, whatever floats your boat. 9 out of 10 times, it will work.

But the point here is that staying calm helps you get a lot more done and help you think on your feet than nervousness ever will.


Don’t take it personal

When someone comes at you aggressively, your mind might push you to take it personally.



Well, at least not in this scenario. Put yourself in their shoes. When you address your concerns to a customer service executive, do you mean to take a hit at them personally? Of course not.

It works the same way other way around too, no matter how abusive the customer is on the other end.

You understand this, you’ll be better equipped to understand where the customer is coming from and offer them a solution to their concerns, quicker.


Make use of the formalities

You need to have your politeness at the ready, when a customer comes to you aggressively with a compliant.


Your ‘Thank you’ or ‘I apologize ma’am/sir’ would come in handy now more than ever. But it doesn’t just stop here. Your customers aren’t idiots. Authenticity shows through the phone.

So, if you don’t mean what you say, your customer is going to catch wind of it and hold it against you (worst case scenario) and we don’t want that.

Even if you are on the right and don’t think he/she deserves your kindness, just put it out there and mean it.


Thank the customer for keeping you informed on their situation or apologize to them without making any excuses as to why you’re right and that it’s all their fault.






Be swift

The faster you respond the less likely it is for the situation to escalate.

According to industrial sources, almost more than half of total people in the survey find slow responses to be cumbersome (surprise, surprise).

In addition, customers will act positively to your quick responses to their problem, because it promotes a sense of accountability.


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Start Focusing on Your Back Office Support Services and Ensure Growth

Modern business operations are divided into two segments – front office and back office. While front office deals with the core process and services, back office is all about looking after things that stay in the background like inventory management and accounting. Although businesses do focus more on their front office tasks, it is their back office that they are most worried about. As back office tasks are repetitive in nature, there is a high likelihood of mistakes being made due to complacency. This is why; most in-house back office operations that do not have the right resources, be it manpower or tools, fail at getting the job done. A better way to manage back office is by taking the help of an experienced back office service provider.


Classification of Back Office Support Services

Back office support services comprise a range of services that are deemed essential for day-to-day business operations. Below is a classification:


Accounting services – Invoice creation, bookkeeping and auditing are some of the prominent back office

support services. The critical nature of these services makes them a prime candidate for back office outsourcing.


Data-related services – Data has real value for businesses these days. Tasks like data entry and database creation are crucial for managing data reliably. Data services like OCR (optical character recognition), which can be used for digitizing your hand-written docs, help you make a move to digital transformation. When you have accurate data at your disposal at all times, you can keep on working towards your goals without worrying about the regulatory bodies. Moreover, the data that you have kept can be used for data mining and gaining insights about your customer behavior.


IT services – Help-desk services that employ ticketing system have become a common trend in today’s IT world. With a help-desk as part of your day-to-day business operation, you can ensure that all workstations remain functional, so you can derive maximum productivity from your resources.


Stay Worry-Free by Outsourcing Work to a Competent Back Office Service Provider

Due to the varied nature of back office work, an in-house operation often suffers while performing the tasks. Some clear benefits of using the services of a competent back office service provider are listed below:


Access to better tool and software – Almost all back office tasks can be done a lot better when a software solution is used for the task. However, not all companies have the necessary money to spend on software solutions that will be used for non-core tasks. Hence, more often than not, companies go for substandard solutions that instead of improving the process cause them to fail. On the other hand, a back office service provider already has access to many software solutions that are deemed best for the task at hand. When you partner with them, you get access to these tools without making a direct purchase.


Experienced workforce – Although software solutions are important, people working on them are even more important. With back office outsourcing, you get the right kind of people performing your tasks. This eliminates errors in your critical back office tasks and helps you improve your business prospects.



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Behind the scenes of an online business

Over the past few years, online shopping has dramatically increased in popularity, with an annual survey by comScore and UPS finding consumers are now buying more things online than in stores.


As online consumers, all we have to do is click a few buttons to make a purchase, but do we really know what goes on behind the scenes of an e-commerce business?


Emily McWaters, CEO of online hamper supplier The Hamper Emporium, shares the truth about what it takes to run an online business.



A major part of an online business is choosing and purchasing the products that are going to be sold.


Online businesses are responsible for keeping up with product demand and trends, whether they are creating their own product from scratch or selling already established brands.


Most businesses will have a dedicated buying team who know the target market and have an idea of what sells best on their site.


Website Design

One of the most important aspects of an online business is to have a website that is both visually appealing and user friendly.


Having a website that crashes, isn’t compatible on all devices or lacks detail can be a major downfall for any business and could ultimately result in loss of sales.


Pick and Pack

When it comes to picking and packing customers’ orders, some businesses will have their own warehouse and dedicated team, while others may choose to use a third party.


The Pick and Pack Department plays an important role in making sure customers are getting the correct order, and that it’s well packaged so that it remains in perfect condition upon arrival.



Once the orders have been packed, the next step is for the item to be delivered to the customer.


Online businesses do this through a courier company who arrives at the warehouse to collect the day’s deliveries.


In Australia, some distribution companies include DHL, Startrack and Australia Post.


Customer Care

A key component to any online business is to have a dedicated Customer Care Department.


Customer Care deals with all queries, complaints and issues that customers may have; as well as processing returns and refunds.


It is important to have members on your customer care team who are good at communicating in a kind, yet professional tone.


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Ngo Registration In India

To ease poverty, the Non-profit Organizations emerged especially in the third world countries. Next to Federal government bodies, the non-profit organizations are to take steps in the direction of lasting growth of the areas. The advancement of the neighborhoods will definitely improve up macro economic climate of a nation as well as development will definitely climb. Based upon the principle various ngo registration are operating in financial climates of the third world. While the various organs of state devices are doing not have openness, as well as accountabilities, the corruption happens. The treatments of Non-Government companies inspire the society to prevail in a peaceful mindset. As a matter of fact, the incomes intent or menstruation of corruptions likewise cripples the NGO or NPO movement in great deals of economic scenarios.
Intention behind the force: In capitalist economy, revenue is the significant concern, to make sure that individuals need to work tougher in addition to more difficult to find out the edges. In a country, the state budget counts on abroad grants and also financings, the emerging capitalist seize the opportunities to earn money. Reforms procedures frequently fail to preserve. The suffering of mass individuals ends up being important progressively more. The federal government alone could not take the pressure, in these spaces the non-government organization or non -income company develop. Philanthropist initiate to run NPO, based upon their goodwill. In recent patterns, the principle of Non- Federal federal government Company has really been developed. In NGO activity, the participatory management happens. It is a taste of autocratic in addition to participatory monitoring. The socialistic recommendations interfere under the democratic norms in addition to worths.


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8 Services and tools Your Small Business Should Be Using Today

No entrepreneur reaches his goals all on their own. Eventually you will need a team of dedicated people. If you are operating a small business from Gurgaon, it is very costly. You can outsource or buy below listed tools and services:


Human Resource Consultant:

Instead of hiring a HR team of your own, you can outsource your HR needs and use a HR Consultant on an as-needed basis. It is cost efficient way to hire manpower. There are number of HR consultant firm in Gurgaon.


For small businesses, there are a number of benefits of outsourcing your manpower needs. They can also provide you tailored training solutions.


Web Development Agency:

Today, customers want to get their products and services online. That’s why almost all businesses turn into online today. First step towards online world is creating website for business.


Instead of hiring a website developer, hiring a web developer company to work on your website is a better idea. It will save a lot of time. It will also help you to save some money.


S.E.O Company

With more than 85% of buyers taking to online web search engines to discover the administration they're searching for, it's sheltered to state shopper purchasing propensities have changed everlastingly, thus has the commercial center.


Getting your business seen online is imperative to its prosperity. You should hire a Gurgaon based SEO Company to take care of your online presence.


CA Service:

Hiring a CA for taking care of your taxation and accounting needs is great decision. In this way, you will have more time to focus on growing your business.


Legal Assistance:

If your business will succeed you have to guarantee that it is legitimately solid. This implies you have to get lawful exhortation from an enlisted law firm. There are a number of independent agencies that helps people to understand and access their legal rights.


Mail Chimp:

Mail chimp is bulk email marketing platform. You can share your business news and promotional offers with mail chimp to a large audience. You can send an email to thousands people with a single click. You can also automate the whole process with mail chimp Wordpress plugin. It’s a free plugin for wordpress users.



Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox automatically keeps your in sync and backed up online. It will help to save your time by automatically uploading and downloading your files. You can also share your files with your staff with Dropbox quickly.


Gmail for Business:

Create addresses for your team members like with Gmail for business. You can sync and access your mail for different devices. A Gmail business account is an affordable option as compare to other custom email services. Their plans starts with 5$ per month.


This tools and services are really helpful and cost efficient for small business owners. Don’t forget to try these once and let me know your reviews on each them.


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