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10 key considerations when creating successful directory listings and citations


For any business looking to try and build directory listings, it’s so important that you do it right. Even if you hire the best SEO service, your online business listings still need to follow a certain style. If you would like to make sure you get the right kind of citation building, you need to follow a certain protocol. To help you add local citations that do the job they should, we’ve put together a simple selection of ideas for you to look through below. So, what can you do to make sure your citations are A-OK?


List your business correctly

Making sure that your business is listed with the right business name, address, and phone number is vital. That might seem obvious, but many business directory listings are littered with mistakes that limit your performance.


Use high PR directories

Make sure you look for directories in your country that you can easily use to help make the process a bit simpler. With the help of the right directory, you can make it much easier to start getting regular custom.


Select the right category

Also, be sure to pick the right category when building your directory listings. It’s very important to ensuring you don’t get lumped in with the wrong industry, liming your citation building results.


Utilise geo-tagged imagery

Make sure you upload as many images and video as you are allowed to use on each directory listing. Also, be sure to geo-tag images before uploading so they can easily be found and directed to your location.


Use standardised information

When you made your Google My Business account, you should have included some very specific information. Use the same information (written uniquely) for each of your citation building jobs to make sure information becomes standardised throughout.


Don’t use toll-free numbers

Try and avoid using a toll-free number as part of your listing. These put people off and it can make people unlikely to give you a call. Instead, use a more professional number to boot your results.


Optimise with keywords

Make sure you get some keywords included as part of your description, too. Use the best SEO services, such as Google Keyword Planner, to find locally-specific keywords that are worth trying to use in your content.


Avoid duplication

Make sure you write every listing from scratch. Your online business listings all must be unique, or it can cause more than a few problems for you later on down the line. Avoid duplication to escape Google penalisation.


Use niche directories

If you find some niche directories for your industry – aimed at tradesman, for example – then you should use them. These will work extremely well as niche directories will draw in a very specific audience looking for what you offer.


Save login details for each listing

With so many local citations to add out there, create an Excel document or spreadsheet document with each login. This will ensure that you can log in and update them as information changes and as your business adjusts. This will ensure easier, quicker login moving forward.


Still need help?

If you need help with citation building, then you can contact our team today. We’re experts in online business listings and can give you a great price. With a fee of only $0.50 per listing, we make sure you can get your listings uploaded, prepared, and optimised without any issue!


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Future of Digital Marketing

The increase in the population and growing demands of smartphones, laptops and tablets and other electronic devices has given hope to the future of digital marketing. It is not only the future but need of today, digital marketing opportunities are booming in India currently. The internet users have reached around 463 millions and India has become 3rd largest internet population which is bound to increase 3 times more in coming years.


Digital marketing will move towards content centric approach, which means businesses following “Content marketing” will stay relevant. Podcasts and guide marketing will rule, more efficient reach and accessibility for local business through location based marketing, Health sector will be hugely benefited from DM, since this particular sector is still on the verge of using full advantages of digital marketing and social media.


Today, every organisation in the world is looking for new innovations, solutions and applications to promote their products and services on digital sphere, digital marketing is boon to such businesses.


Some of the key reasons why digital marketing would be the future are as follows:


1. Increase outburst in video Ads.

2. Increase in the number of applications (Apps) creation.

3. Increase in the mobile dominance over traditional desktops.

4. Virtual reality emerges.

5. Digital marketing will be a fantastic merge of ideas, technologies and data analytics.


Considering all of the above reasons, and many other aspects, Digital marketing would be considered as future of marketing.


Happy Digital Marketing!!


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Top 5 Tips That Make SEO Work For Your Website

Anyhow, if you already work, live and breathe the internet or if you’re just about to craft your online presence, there’s one magic term that you’ve probably heard of – SEO.


SEO classically stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is where you establish your web pages and device certain methods to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher your web pages can rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.


Website’s Structure should be clear, intuitive and up-to-date.


The way you arrange website design and its navigation is crucial for both SEO and your visitors. Google go through a link structure to find and index pages. If your website is well design, all the pages and subpages will be easily found and indexed by search engine crawlers. Additionally, a natural route will work for your guests as it will enable them to discover what they sought at all measure of time conceivable. 3 ticks standard says that any data on a site ought to be accessible for a client inside close to three ticks. This is the way you should design it.


Page URL


Website pages in your domain may be optimized for many different keywords. This is the one of the best way is to focus only on one keyword phrase and to include it directly in the URL address. Always Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URLs. And also choose a static URL address instead of a dynamic one.


Title-tag, meta-description and ALT-attribute


Your website title tag describes what your domain is all about. It is the short sentence in which you describe your online space. It will appear in several places, such as: the SERPs, social media, external pages, and in browsers (see examples below). It should be short, catchy and original enough to attract the attention of those people who are your targeted audience. Exactly, it means that you should speak their language and present your website in a way that would be attractive to them. And description also should be short and clear within 160 characters. Always use alt attributes in your web page it will help you to crawl your images in your Google.


Don’t forget to include a location in your keywords.


It will helps optimize your website and your business for both local searches and local clients. For instance, if you offer SEO services and you’re based Noida, it’s good to you let your potential customers know and put keyword such an obvious keyword phrase like: “SEO Company in Greater Noida”.


Optimize all images with proper keywords.


Do not forget to use keyword phrases not only throughout the website’s content, but also in the image description. This is the best way to use words such as: “image”, “photo”, “picture” along with your picked keyword while describing an image with an ALT attribute.


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3 ways to choose Best SEO Company

Showing up on the web search devices is a champion among the most basic ways to deal with improve website development and reveal the substance, thing or organizations to the group. A huge segment of the genuine web search instruments utilize a computation to choose a web-page rank over the web. The criteria are assorted for every web searcher it is conceivable that it is Google or Yahoo and likewise Bing, yet they share distinctive shared qualities. In case you will propel your website page rank over the web list result then SEO Company London shows best choice for you. (SEO Company in London)


The association seeks after lots of avant survey methodology and approachs to showing your website up on the web crawlers. Everything considered, there are different web displaying workplaces available to proffer top tier web publicizing procedures like webpage structure improvement, Email advancing, online life exhibiting, PPC, and other decision organizations to deliver mark care for overhauling more arrangements. Among these entire web promoting organizations, SEO is ideal and gives incredibly positive results to your business. In any case, it ends up critical to pick right website improvement authority center Company; else your business will remain unrecognized in the crowd of web.


Quest for the association that has characteristics of adaptability:


Flexibility goes with seeing, thus, an association that has extended lengths of experience must have the incredible frameworks of doing SEO for a business site. Preceding utilizing an association for site plan improvement, it is imperative to examine the experience of an office. A cultivated association will inspect your stresses from different edges and use a couple of supportive techniques, for instance, article making convenience, site improvement and update, and other practical activities to get most outrageous effect. (SEO Company in London)


Select the association that discovers life expectancy:


An association with a long nearness presumably shown notoriety of good displays and incredible organizations. If you will find such provider, by then one can without question to anticipate the positive results from them. These site improvement masters must have the ability to perform exceptionally in the market.


An association that offer astonishing customer advantage:


Transport on schedule and on spending plan is a champion among the most basic perspectives that one should keep in the mind before picking a SEO association. In addition, if you are paying an office for site plan improvement organizations, guarantee it totally fathoms your endeavors and takes it on an intense need.


If you really need to see your website at the most noteworthy purpose of the web searcher results especially on Google, Yahoo and Bing then it is imperative to keep these concentrations in your cerebrum while picking a best SEO association.


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WhatsApp Enabling Virtual Platforms Of Healthcare FlockSend

On a similar point healthcare is also moving fast in its use of popular chat platforms and social media to ease the access of immediate healthcare requirements.


The increasing number of users of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps is seen as a promising scenario for the development of healthcare marketing. WhatsApp has now created a niche for itself among the healthcare professionals who look forward to using this app to alert the clients and members of the general public regarding certain healthcare news and information which they can have access to.


Being cost-efficient and fast it has the propensity to facilitate clinical communications, enhancing learning and improving patient care while preserving their privacy. The patient’s performance and report details can be exchanged without any privacy issues with its end-to-end encryption that ensures privacy.


Literature on the use of WhatsApp in healthcare shows its importance in interdepartmental and interdepartmental correspondence regarding patients’ reports. With Wi-Fi connectivity turning cheaper and ubiquitous, doctors remain connected on such chat platforms for important and quick clinical or non-clinical discussions.


WhatsApp is a platform where people regardless of their footing participate in a discussion contributing their ideas. Many who participated in a survey conducted by Johnston et al. related to the usage of this app said that they felt WhatsApp “flattens hierarchy” by enabling students, residents and experienced consultant to be on the same chat platform.


It is also acknowledged that WhatsApp is a great boon to the developing nations striding poverty and development, as it is freely available, cheap and ensures protection through two-layered password, the screen lock and the app lock. The app aids in surpassing geographical boundaries in seeking primary level of treatment which includes diagnosis.


WhatsApp is widely used by dentists, physicians, hygienists and patients who post images.


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