Perfect Gifts for Your Beloved Wife On This Karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth is a special day for each and every married couples. This day a each and every women keeps fast for her husband’s long life. This year the Karva Chauth celebration is on 17th October 2019. In other words, every wife expresses her love for her husband by fasting from dawn till moon rise. Every husband wants to make his wife feel special and happy and this can be possible by expressing their feeling is by surprising their wives by karwa chauth gifts.


With the changing in shopping trends, each one of us is now more online to buy gifts. Its easy to order online and get it delivered at your doorstep on time. Buy Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife on her special day and give too much of love and happiness.



Buy NOW! and enjoy shopping online.



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Cream cake celebrating the wedding day makes love beautiful

The wedding day is an important milestone, marking the mutual path of the affectionate "salty ginger spicy salt" couple, so many sweet memories make us feel and shake our beloved mate. Especially young couples, the need to create a special mark to remember the date of marriage is becoming a prominent trend today. This is an opportunity to review the best moments, rekindle the flame of love that has been faded by everyday life.
In that trend, wedding cake cakes celebrating with a variety of designs and styles, is an excellent response to a great anniversary. No matter who you are, at any age, we always bring the sweetest and most meaningful for the sacred day, with a series of wedding anniversary cakes available at the store. Moreover, if you want to create a surprise for your beloved partner, please design the model and order directly at!
Access more information >>> banh sinh nhat
bc32 dấu mốc vàng son
What's more amazing than couple love? And what's more fun than being together in the same roof? 15 years is an important journey, witnesses are beloved, both sweet and sometimes turbulent, we have held hands together in life. Creamy wedding anniversary cake with romantic heart style, recreating the moment of the biggest happy day.
bc29 happy anniversary
Cream cakes, hearts, roses and best wishes, all gathered together in the cake form to celebrate the wedding day, the soul of the owner suddenly miraculously rejuvenated. This is also the theme, endless inspiration for artists to be creative in the sublimation of love. No matter how many years have passed, this anniversary will always be so sparkling and wonderful!
bnh6 trăm năm tình phu thê
Celebrating your parents' wedding day, the most important thing is to bring full joy to your parents. All that respectful love will be fully expressed in the wedding anniversary cake form with a combination of sweet cream and chocolate which is dotted with fresh flowers.
bánh kem quận 10 is the Cream Cake Shop combining a flexible and youthful service style with traditional Vietnamese flavor which is crystallized through each cake. Along with that, we are also constantly testing innovations to produce more and more diverse models and the most delicious flavors, meeting every trend of users. With the viewpoint of "Customer is God", Store always brings the best utilities such as enthusiastic advice or free delivery.

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5 Essential Virtues of Successful Inbound and Outbound Call Center Ser

Inbound and outbound call center services have remained a vital part of operations of a call center for a long time. Although both these services are unique in their own regard, there are certain similarities that make them part and parcel of the same trade i.e. call center. While inbound call center services require an agent to answer customers’ queries and resolve issues, outbound services are more about calling a customer proactively. An outbound center agent generally calls potential clients for generating leads for a business. Both these call centers require different skill sets and certain virtues for carrying out their day to day tasks.


5 Virtues Required by Outbound and Inbound Call Center Services Agents


  1. Politeness on the call – Politeness is one of those virtues that a person is ingrained with. A call center agent who is polite is able to form a bond quicker with a customer than an agent who lacks this virtue. Even difficult calls are turned into easy ones when an agent shows politeness towards the customer. An outbound agent cannot form a rapport with a potential lead without being polite, and the same way an inbound agent cannot lead a call towards a resolution without showing politeness to the customer.

  2. Articulation – An agent who is articulate is able to put across his point a lot better than an agent who does not have the gift of gab. Especially for an outbound call center services agent articulation is a must-have skill without which, it won’t be possible to convince a client on the call.

  3. Logical mindset – Query resolution requires logical mindset. Especially inbound agents need to be logical in approach to guide a difficult issue towards a resolution. Inbound call center services like technical support demand both practical product knowledge and a logical mindset for efficient query resolution.

  4. Adherence to call center metrics – While it’s a manager’s job to enforce call center metrics like AHT, FCR and CSAT, an agent should also have an inherent desire to adhere to the stats. It is human nature to relax and go off track from time to time, which is why; call center essential metrics should be at the back of the mind of every call center agent. This virtue is more important for an inbound call center services agent than an outbound call center services agent.

  5. Ability to learn new processes – A call center agent is required to have all the product knowledge for effectively resolving customers’ queries. As a call center deals with many clients that sell different products, it is essential for call center agents to have the desire and ability to learn about different products.


How to Find Outbound Inbound Call Center Service Providers with the Necessary Virtues?


Finding a call center that has the necessary virtues is not an easy task. It is best to start your search by looking at experienced and accomplished inbound and outbound call center services like Vcare. Experienced call centers like Vcare has veteran agents that have worked on multiple projects and know exactly how to deal with potential clients and customers.


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How to grow business with digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy related to digital media. In this modernized world, people are not fond of print media. Marketing has changed a lot in the 21st century with the evolution of digital marketing services in Dubai. No one likes to read newspapers or magazines or spending a great amount of money on it. Smartphones and laptops are the walking media now; they are not restricted to one place only. You can get in touch with everything, anywhere.

It provides the facility to promote business through different methods. Including, SEM, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and so on. These are designed to draw the attention of customers to your website. The products are displayed with amazing content, which attracts buyers. And it increases your sale too.

Digital marketing and business

Digital marketing helps to build a strong business by making your website effective. Search Engine Optimization creates a compelling side of the business or products on different digital media platforms.

Various digital marketing agencies provide this facility to your business. In the world, there are many marketing agencies which present the quality digital marketing to you. It attracts the customers towards the website and builds strong traffic.

Digital media marketing is also mobile friendly. It creates a website which can be used by any electronic device. Digital marketing is known with different names like online marketing, web marketing or internet marketing.

Digital marketing agencies help you to grow your business through these striking methods:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is also known as organic searching. It helps to optimize your website and it is easier to navigate. A user can reach to your website very fast, within no time. The search engines take the user directly to your website. You must add the search-engine-friendly keywords to sell your product. If there is any other website who sells the same product as yours. The website containing SEO content will have more customers and increase the sale. Many SEO Services Dubai helps various websites in their optimization.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is basically a paid search advertising. The advertisers pay for their ads to appear in the search engines. So, when a customer types a keyword that is optimized for that website, the ad appears in the search results. SEM is done with different activities like PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC (Cost Per Click), paid search advertising etc.

Content Marketing

Content marketing stands out as one of the highly effective marketing strategies. It creates, distributes and publishes viral content to the targeted audience. It provides valuable information and guidance about your business on your website. Content marketing is done by sharing interesting blogs, articles, videos or captivating images. It can play an important role in SEO in Dubai. It is the branding of your product with a brief and catchy description of it.


As the name refers, e-commerce means electronic commerce. The business run through electronic commerce promotes business faster and increase sales. Because you can buy or sell anything anywhere. E-commerce does businesses like online shopping, online retailing, online transactions of money etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is done by sending a message to dozens of people together. A commercial message is sent to gain the popularity of your business among customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a strong way to make your business grow.


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Important Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Significant For Your Internet

“More than 34% of the audience worldwide use email. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s forecasted to enhance to 2.8 billion email users in the next 2 years. Yup, email’s famous.

Let’s put it merely. Email marketing is an energetic and effective way to connect with the audience. Carrying it home, think about your own experiences. Are you aware of anyone who doesn’t have an email address? You possibly receive a number of HTML emails each week (I sure do). You read them, get motivated by them and even look forward to the next one. Email is an important part of our lives. A very important one.

Email marketing is also a very private way of reaching your target customers. Messages or notifications from your friends and family are sitting next to email updates from your firm. That’s why email marketing functions at its best when it is customized. Email can be customized to customer actions so that every communication is appropriate to their interest. You can encircle topics like alterations in your firm, victories, request feedback to your customer – this list is virtually countless. With 2.5 billion users, email isn’t running anywhere.

If you are thinking about Email Marketing is not something for your company, then there are many reasons why Email Marketing is a medium you should not be neglecting.

Social media is a very critical factor in any business’ marketing strategy. Social Media is a good channel for communicating with your audience and empowering your personal relationships with them. And because of that, it is a critical first step towards approaching your main goal – the conversion.

But when it comes to transforming people into members, customers or supporters, email marketing is the manner to go.

A survey found that customer acquisition via email marketing has increased fourfold in the four years preceding 2013. Email marketing then already considered for nearly 7% of all customer acquisitions that happened online.

According to Email Marketing Company in Mumbai, it’s simple, powerful, and affordable. Email marketing permits business owners to aim a large number of consumers at a rate of almost nothing per message.

For small-business owners on a budget, this makes it a good choice than traditional marketing mediums like TV, radio, or direct mail. A survey found that 85% of retailers contemplate email marketing one of the most powerful customer acquisition strategies.

Even with the rocketing of all sorts of new technology and social networks, marketers keep seeking back to email.

Compared to traditional marketing attempts where printing, postage etc. can take up a lot of cost for your direct mail campaigns. With emails, you are still capable to generate the same imagery with the extra advantage of having follow-up information quickly accessible with one click to your website.

Are you looking for Email Marketing Services in Mumbai? STZ Soft offers you right consultation on the ways of doing an email campaign for maximum result. Our consultants are specifically qualified to design mailers for a higher response rate.




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