5 Tips for Effective Online Marketing for Restaurants

The restaurant business has become highly competitive nowadays. The marketing techniques have graduated from handing out leaflets at busy crossroads, installing posters at central points in the city to the very recent social media marketing. An effective online marketing strategy helps restaurants to stay ahead in competitions and portrait a positive brand image.

Social media has become a vital instrument to engage your customers. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and now Snapchat have entirely redefined the way you market your business. According to the latest survey, 2.5 billion have at least one social media account, and they regularly visit it. Now you can share the photos of unique dishes; the chefs can share behind-the-scenes stories of their unique creations on social media to attract the customers.

However, when the competition is stiff, you need to design creative techniques to stand out from the crowd. Here we have 5 essential tips for online marketing for restaurants.

1.    Geo-Targeted Ads

Geo-targeted ads are one of the unique features which you can use while doing social media marketing for restaurantsHere you can promote special discounts and other offers and geo-stamp the location of your restaurant in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this way, the customers would come to know the exact location of your restaurant and the direction to reach the place. You can also run a paid ad service as well as sponsor your tweets to maximise the reach of your ads to organic targeted customers. It is a worthy decision because the cost of running the ad is much lesser than the revenue it would generate after successfully converting target customers.


2.    Sharing of Images

When it comes to conveying a powerful message on the social media platform a picture is always worth a thousand words. Share beautiful images of mouth-watering dishes or the glistening chandeliers you have personally ordered to revamp the decor. It would propel the customers to make a quick visit to check them out individually.

Make generous use of hashtags to ensure higher visibility of your restaurant. Do not forget to link these photographs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that your audience can be tempted to order food online. In this way, you can devise powerful social media marketing for your restaurant.


3.    Respond to Online Reviews

When you have developed a robust online presence with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, there is a higher probability of getting online reviews for your dishes, services and ambience.

The reviews can be positive as well as negative. When you respond to them and address the negative ones responsively, it would create a transparent and friendly persona of your restaurant online. Do not be afraid to talk about your flaws, and make a public attempt to rectify them in future. In this way, you can also win over your disgruntled customers.


4.    Running Campaigns and Contests

Running campaigns and contests is an effective way of social media marketingIt helps to engage your customers, and you can also offer them giveaways in the form of food vouchers or discounts on special occasions.

Run exciting contests, polls, quizzes and surveys on Facebook, and Twitter to connect with your audiences directly. An effective restaurant management software play important role here.


5.    Blogging

Blogging is a good idea to keep your business trending and attract new customers. Quality content helps you to reach out to the mass and add a positive image of your restaurant.

There are also a reasonable number of acclaimed food bloggers and influencers who have a huge fan-following. Invite them to your restaurant and ask them to rate it and write positive reviews about the food and services in their blogs.

You can also share their reviews on your homepage to create a positive brand image.



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Top Reason Customers Refuse To Come Back To Your Restaurant

Your repeat customers area unit therefore vital to your business. you would like to try and do everything in your power to stay them returning. Most of those customers already like your edifice, and their life price is price plenty to your edifice. you recognize that the importance of keeping your current customers. we’re attending to discuss the explanations, customers aren’t returning to your edifice.


Poor client Service- Poor client service is one amongst the leading reasons customers leave your edifice with no intention of returning.With such a lot of selections accessible within the edifice sector, today’s food shopper doesn’t ought to tolerate poor client service. they’ll merely ne’er come.


Lumped in with poor service by your wait employees area unit long wait times. generally seen as a symptom of a far wanted edifice, long wait times may also mean AN inefficient edifice.


Poor food quality- Your customers expect quality. once it involves the standard, they require it in everything from the food.If your customers don’t like your menu, they won’t come. If that they had to attend too long to be served, they won’t come. If the food was delivered cold, they won’t come.

Incomplete menu-

Another food-related reason they may not come is that the lack of healthy choices. With many of us involved concerning consumption well, organic, or gluten-free, it pays to own a number of those choices on your menu.


Dirty Restaurant-The atmosphere at your edifice matters. If your edifice is dirty, you’ll be able to bet you’ll lose customers.Cleanliness is extremely vital to diners. It’s usually cited mutually of the worst mistakes a edifice will create.Problems like unhealthful bogs, dirty kitchens, tables that aren’t cleansed once the diner sits down, food below the table and dangerous smells ought to be mounted now.


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