Pakistan Independence Day 2018

When is Pakistani Independence Day?

 How long until Independence Day?
This holiday next takes place in 4 Days.
 Dates of Independence Day
Year Weekday Date
2019 Wednesday August 14th
2018 Tuesday August 14th
2017 Monday August 14th
2016 Sunday August 14th
1 Day
On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world's first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule

Independence Day is Pakistan's national day and is celebrated annually on 14 August.

On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world's first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule.

History of Pakistani Independence Day

Pakistan had been part of the colony of India since the 18th century, firstly as part of the East India company and then as part of the British Indian Empire.

In 1947, the act of independence created the 'Dominion of Pakistan' which covered two different geographic areas known as East and West Pakistan. In 1971 following the Bangladesh Liberation War, East Pakistan parted from West Pakistan and became Bangladesh.

Did you know?

The name Pakistan is a conjunction of two words 'Pak' meaning 'Pure' in Urdu and Persian, and 'Stan' meaning 'Land'. The name was also promoted in a pamphlet produced by the Muslim movement in 1933 - " Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan". The 'i' was added to aid pronunciation.

Independence happened at midnight between 14 August and 15 August 1947, which is why the tradition in Pakistan has been to celebrate the 14 August whereas 15 August is Independence Day in India.



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Pakistan Election 2018 Party Position.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced final results of all the constituencies of the national and provincial assemblies on Saturday, more than 56 hours after the conclusion of voting for the 2018 General Elections in the country.

According to an update issued by the ECP, Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party has won 116 of the 270 National Assembly seats, emerging as the largest political party in the country. The PML-N grabbed 64 seats, while the PPP is in third place with 43 National Assembly seats.

READ: Political bigwigs face major upsets

Similarly, Mutahida Majlis Amal (MMA) secured 12 seats and Pakistan Muslim League (Q), Balochistan Natioanl Party, Mutahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan, and Balochistan Awami Party has secured 4, 02, 06, and 04 seat respectively.

Awami National Party (ANP) has won one seat, Awami Muslim League (AML), Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaniyat and Jamhoori Wattan Party (JWP) have also grabbed one NA seat each.

Fourteen independent candidates have also remained successful in their constituencies. They are likely to play an important role in formation of the federal government.


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Hawaii volcano evacuation alert may arrive on short notice

Hawaii County Civil Defense officials on Friday widened the radius of their warnings as volcanic instability on the Big Island roared on. 

Authorities urged residents in lower Puna to remain vigilant and alert in the event of a possible gas emission and volcanic eruption of Kilauea.   

“Because there may be little to no advance notice to evacuate, you should be prepared to evacuate at short notice,” authorities said. “Take this time to prepare.”

Residents who want to voluntarily leave can take shelter at the Pahoa Community Center and Kea’au Community Center. Both are pet-friendly.  

Authorities on Friday also shut down all beach parks in Lower Puna. 


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New Mexico women kidnapped molested Oklahoma boy

A 35-year-old candy shop owner from New Mexico allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a teenage boy from Oklahoma after meeting him via Xbox LIVE, police said.


The suspect, identified as Kristen Aragon, allegedly asked the teen for his phone number. The two then began exchanging text messages, authorities said.


Police said the boy told them that Aragon requested lewd photos of the boy, which he sent “on two occasions,” News 9 reported. Aragon allegedly sent him sexually explicit texts.


According to the report, the boy told Aragon “he was lonely and stayed home a lot.” The two allegedly discussed living arrangements.


In mid-April, Aragon and a friend, identified as Melissa Goelz, 29, drove 13 hours from Farmington, N.M., to Pittsburg County, Okla., to pick up the boy at a gas station. They then drove back to Farmington with a stop at a motel along the way, authorities said.


Officials said the boy's father reported him missing and Oklahoma authorities reached out to officials in New Mexico. Authorities said they tracked down the women via cellphone and other means to a home in New Mexico where the boy was found in a car that pulled into the driveway.


Aragon and Goelz were charged May 4 with kidnapping and lewd molestation, police said. The women remained jailed Thursday in the San Juan County, N.M., Adult Detention Center, pending extradition on fugitive warrants from Oklahoma.


"It was very alarming. We knew it was going to be a bad situation if we didn't act fast and get the boy located," Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris told KRQE-TV in Albuquerque.


"It was very alarming. We knew it was going to be a bad situation if we didn't act fast and get the boy located."

- Sheriff Chris Morris, Pittsburg County, Okla.


A probable-cause affidavit filed by a Pittsburg County investigator said the boy told an FBI agent that he had told the women that he wanted to go home, the McAlester News-Capitol reported.


However, Aragon told the boy that he "had to either go with them now or that he would be left on the side of the road naked," the affidavit said.


The boy has reportedly been returned to his family.


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