Best Places To Shop In Riveria Maya

 If you're in the mood for hunting out awesome bargains, there are tons of places to shop in Riveria Maya. You're bound to return home with plenty of treasures to keep the memory of your trip fresh in your mind – from coral jewelry and semi-precious stones to delicate wood carvings and exquisite cloth paintings. 
In addition to the bustling local markets, there are also a lot of conveniently located shopping malls that sell luxury and designer brands for the big spenders among us. 
Read on below to find out where to go for an exciting spot of Riviera Maya shopping. 
A visit to Tulum will transform your shopping in Riviera Maya Mexico into a fun adventure. Known for its beautiful beaches and well-preserved archaeological ruins, this area is packed full of local markets that are great for sniffing out stunning local souvenirs. 
You'll find it just before you get to the entrance of the archaeological site. The market stalls are filled with handcrafted pottery, local paintings, and colorful fabrics. If you want to find more authentic treasures in this part of the Mexican town, then just veer off the main road to explore the back streets which offer more traditional items to complete your Riviera Maya shopping spree. 
This area is known as Riviera Maya's equivalent of New York's 5th Avenue. The main shopping road in this part of th

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