Choose the Right SUV Tyre That Best Suits Your Budget and Needs

Every time you desire to buy something, your mind is at war of words “do you really need it?” However, consoling yourself at times isn’t advisable because you deserve something extra to cheer up your happiness. When it comes to the car servicing and buying accessories never settle for low-economic products to cover up the expenses.


Pick the best tyre that fits your budget and doesn’t disturb your monthly expenses and which eats up your income in paying EMIs. Not all the budget tyres are manufactured with low-quality materials, but it’s not released in market without any research or testing.


Look for the SUV tyres prices such as Dueler tyres that cover all the features which are remarkable for your car, such as longevity, fuel efficient, wet grip, comfort, dry grip, better handling, and durability. Dueler tyre price is also not so high.


Here are certain things you must consider before buying SUV tyres

Premium or budget tyres


The biggest confusion you might face while buying new tyres is to pick the premium or budget manufactured tyres. Before jumping to the conclusion, think about the positive and negative points; consider the driving style and vehicle accessories that suit your needs


Budget tyres


These tyres are considerably economical than premium tyres, which are manufactured by the infamous brands. The low-priced tags cover both the materials used to produce the tyre and certification test whether it is compatible or not.


However, budget and premium tyres will have to undergo the safety test to match the criteria in order to maintain the standard quality. On the other hand, not all the criteria match the performance and safety features of the budget tyres.


Premium tyres

The well-crafted tyres are premium tyres that have longer life, high-performance, and other incredible features, which is excellent for your car. However, premium tyres are super expensive than the budget tyres, which match the higher standards of safety and performance on all kinds of road. The premium tyre is more subjected to the detailed testing that’s manufactured using the top quality components and materials.



When it comes to performance both budget and premium tyres appears similar, but the development of the design is different. Premium tyres are crafted to match the standard criteria to provide higher rate of performance, such as brake distance, steering precision, and aquaplaning resistance than the budget or low-priced tyres.


Cost-cutting measure

At first, budget tyres appear most cost-effective because of the price tag, but the premium tyre seems to be an economical choice. The reason behind this is simple, they are designed with high-quality materials, like rubber and tread patterns. However, you can increase the tyre’s life when you maintain them properly.


How to choose the tyres based on preferences?

When it comes to SUV tyres, it is always advisable to go for premium tyres. SUV tyre price may be little higher but the performance is just unmatched.


Consider picking the premium tyres, if you


  • Go on long drives

  • Frequent drives in rural localities

  • High-level driving performance

  • Longevity of tyres


There is huge range of tyres that come under premium tyre manufactures. Dueler tyre is one of the best options that can easily fulfill your requirements for the SUV tyre. For your satisfaction, you can check SUV tyres prices available online and offline with necessary information. Make sure you choose the tyre that's best for your car.

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