How to decide if a job is a good fit?

When you search for a job, it is always necessary to review more than just the job to ensure that you will be happy doing that job. It is important that a job is a perfect fit for your skills, work style, and matches you lifestyle. 

Now, how do you know that a job is the right fit unless you experience it? or How do you tell that a job is good enough to apply? Just few thoughtful steps and process will make sure that your decision is good. 

  • First and foremost, check the daily tasks or routine of a job. Ask yourself if the job engages with all your core skill sets so that you will enjoy the job thoroughly and probably succeed in position. 
  • List all your core skills and circle each one if you think you will accomplish doing the job. Be prepared during the interview and gauge how good the job description satisfies your list.
  • Compensation is the next important criteria, even with super good jobs, if your salary does not match with your requirement, again it is a source of disappointment. List out your need, benefits that you wish and deserve to get, and match it up with the offer. Later, if you feel you are underpaid after taking up the job, it demotivates you. 
  • Room for growing up the ladder is a basic requirement for all. Analyze the job role and the responsibilities to understand if there is chance of moving up to higher roles. 
  • The next step is to evaluate on the work culture. This is important to check if it balances with your lifestyle and values. Few tips is to check for the dress code, if there is space for innovation and creativity, and if the existing process is more democratic. 
  • Most important of all is the job security. Evaluate on the future of your job role in the company. Just ensure that you might not be laid of in the near future. 

Now, you have only two options in your hands. Either based on the review and your gut feeling says to take the job or you do not take the job. All these are in your hands. But beyond this, the employers' part is critical. Is the employer being accurate in choosing the right talent for a job role? How do they select the right skills and talent? Read through our Blog to know more on this. 

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