Latest Mobile App Development Trends in COVID19 Period

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by storm claiming thousands of lives, thousands, and thousands are affected. Considering the virus to spread with human-to-human contact, many countries and governments have asked their citizens to minimize the movement and stay indoors.


In some countries, there is complete lockdown which makes people sit inside their house, which results in more work from home, the shutdown of schools, office, theaters, and almost everything. In this extraordinary situation, businesses have opted for a new way, which made them go for work from home.


Quarantine situations have changed the way we used to operate, in fact, the consumption pattern of masses has changed significantly. Certain apps have gained overnight popularity while certain are facing an all-time low.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends in COVID-19 Period


1. On-Demand Apps:


At this point where mingling and meeting people can prove to be dangerous feats, businesses that operate on essential goods have their focus on-demand. Many mobile app development companies in India are earning good amounts of money with on-demand apps. Many businesses are developing apps to help people who are stuck in a particular area and willing to come back to their homes, the demand for grocery apps, etc are at peak. By catering on-demand apps, app developers India demand has been boosted.

2. Fitness Apps:


With shut down of gyms, growing mental stress with the ongoing situation, no or very little movement outside home affects the physical health of the person. With the rise of health and fitness apps, you can keep yourself fit without going to the gym and without proper exercise equipment. Many fitness influencers and fitness businesses have opted for ways where they can teach people how to be fit, workout knowledge, and can help in achieving fitness goals.


3. Social Media Apps:


No going out, no coffee date, no interaction with people, can make people sad as we humans are habitual of meeting and greeting people every day and it has become an essential part of our lives. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the meetings have been limited which can lead to mental illness and nostalgia for people. The download of Social Networking apps has seen a new rise, with people showcasing their hidden talent in terms of dance, singing, cooking, art, etc.

4. Health-based Apps:


People are setting as their prime priority and health apps are becoming one of the most demanding apps day by day. Many paid subscription health apps have started providing free service for limited people to boost the download or they have reduced their subscription rate. Many companies and fitness institutes are coming to app developers for customized fitness apps using AI. AI helps to build an efficient app for a better experience, even machine learning is also used in the development of health apps.

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