Make Your Gums More Powerful with the Best Diet Plan by Ryan Daniel

Regular brushing, rinsing and flossing will keep your mouth in tip top shape. Although these procedures might be enough to keep your gums in good health, it would probably help to use some reinforcements. Aside from limiting your intake of harsh acidic food items and sugary sweets, there are actually food items that will do your gums good. Check out some of them below.


1. Ginger Root. Considered as a healing herb, ginger root offers anti-inflammatory properties that promotes healthy tissue in the mouth

2. Apple. Eating an apple takes a while, which is actually a good thing for your mouth. Such munching action leads to a cleaning action that will shake up the plaque that is clinging to your gums. Just make sure to rinse your mouth afterwards; just like other food items, apples can also expose your mouth to harmful acids.

3. Dairy Products. Dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese are filled with calcium that fortifies the bones. It also has the protein casein that reduces acid levels in the mouth. Drinking milk helps neutralize the acids produced by plaque. Take note, though, that consuming milk with dessert or cereal does not yield the same effects as direct consumption. If you have no milk around, you can substitute a small piece of cheese instead.

4. Salad Greens. Aside from being generally healthy for the body, salad greens also do a good job of keeping the mouth clean. They are packed with fiber so they require serious chewing to break down. The extra saliva that you produce during chewing will neutralize the bacteria in your mouth. Foods that are stringy and high in fiber like celery, raw spinach and cooked beans are good choices.

5. Onion. Raw onion is known as a bacteria-fighting food. It is also known to give bad breath, but you can also ways use mouthwash or sugarless gum afterwards. Onions contain an antimicrobial ingredient that kills bacteria, completely wiping out four strains that cause cavities and gum disease. Cut a few strips and toss it in your salad, burger, sandwich, stews or soups.

6. Almonds. These nuts are good for the gums because they have high amounts of protein and calcium while being low in sugar. Enjoy a handful of them with your lunch or alone as a snack. They also make great additions to stir-fry or salads.


Aside from ensuring that you eat the right kinds of foods, it is also important that you pay close attention to the things that you drink. Because it does not contain any sugar or calories, water is the best pick, and is a far better choice than chugging on soda or juice. It is okay to indulge in these sweet drinks from time to time, but make sure to drink water afterwards.


Having healthy, powerful gums is one of your best defenses against some of the most common and notorious dental problems. With the right diet, you can very well protect yourself from gum diseases and tooth decay. Talk to a reputable dentist in your area now to learn more tips and tricks on how to maintain good dental health.

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