The Connection between Foreign Policy and Political Interests

What is Foreign policy?


Foreign Policy is defined into various definitions as it is a branch of Humanities. Foreign Policy can be defined as set patterns to maintain relationship with other countries to create an atmosphere of harmony and mutual interests.


The term, Foreign Policy is being described as per the benefits of every country now a day. It has been divided into many subjects too. Like the course of foreign policy is added into Political science, International relations, and Defense Studies. But what I am trying to explain that how world has mold the social studies to feed its own interests. Here are various example I can quote where the all wars after 18th century happened due to negligence and failed foreign policy among the different countries. The biggest example is world war i and ii where millions of people died due to the offensive attitude of some game changer. Only few men decide the history of the world.


World-turmoil is due to failed political interest

Once you look around in the world all freedom movements, terrorist activities, and wars in the countries are due to failed political interests. Changing international course can be a remedy to sooth the current atmosphere that is becoming more aggressive day by day. Proper career and education counseling to the underdeveloped countries can change the mind and it will bring people on the same page. Peace and patience can’t come until we do not take positive stance to guard the mutual relationship.


I don't know whether political leaders are doing intentionally to feed their own self-interests. Give me a chance to rethink that: I don't think our political leaders know about their responsibilities to protect the interests of people wherever in the world when those interests do not fulfill the requirements; always common man dies.


Foreign policy of any country defines the way in which she has to move their assets and nation power. It is very obvious now that due to the failed policies destructive war crimes are being done in various countries like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, it was not the war of common man, but the pain is bearing the innocent children and families. World powers are feeding terrorist activities and investing to hold the area as per their interests.


Following measures can be taken to invoke world peace

At the point when countries are inspired by the benefit of everyone, they serve everyone’s' self-interest. Self-intrigue then turns into a by-result of the strategy, not the controlling power. In my previous article about colonialism and culture discusses the same issue that how conflicts emerged among the super powers of the world. The struggle between capitalism and communism made a way to loot the resources cleverly.


Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the other examples of failed foreign policy where due to trivial issues millions of people were killed brutally. At the end, the culprits just say sorry and they pay a tribute to those martyrs by saying only one word of sympathy. Is that enough?


Peaceful Foreign Policy can eradicate poverty!

Yes! It is true, we can bring real change in the world if all the countries decide to respect each other freedom, culture, and identity. But the question is how it can be possible to invite all the countries on a single interest that is peace. Peace in the world is only a way where we can put all the people from different civilization on to a single destiny.


Refining our strategy

The devastation, human beings have made to this planet cannot be sorted out in nights but steady and wise steps can give us a light to change ourselves and others.

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