Tips to improve your CSR score under Express Entry

Canadian immigration applications are managed through Express Entry using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The more a candidate’s CRS score, the more their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. Candidates have to look beyond eligibility requirements to obtaining a score high enough to reach cut-off scores which will increase the chances of receiving ITA.


Candidate’s age, level of education, language ability in English/French, work experience, the job offer in Canada, nomination certificate through PNP all go into determining CRS score. A spouse, common-law partner including siblings also influence the scores positively after taking into account various factors.


Out of the 1200 points, 600 are awarded to those with a job offer or provincial nomination. Remaining 500 or so are for the factors mentioned above and another 100 for skills transferability combinations.


There are a number of ways in which a candidate can increase their CRS Ranking Score. Some improvements take up the score a few notches while others can bring in up to 500 points. The CRS is a dynamic system of ranking and your score can always be improved. They are Following:


1. Relative in Canada

A sure-shot way to increase your points is if you have a spouse, sibling or common-law partner living as a permanent resident in Canada. Add up to 15 CRS points once you prove such a relation.


2. Education

If your candidacy is under Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Class, you probably did not have to get an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) when you entered the pool. But get your degree assessed and you might claim up to 150 or 200 points combined with Canadian work experience or language ability.


3. Language

This is your best bet when it comes to increasing CRS scores. Language ability can draw in up to 260 points for a single candidate. Improvements in test results can increment your score and accumulate points. Get a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 9 in each language ability which will add points under skills transferability factors in addition to the initial points for improvement.


If you have a basic to intermediate knowledge of French, you can take the Test d’evaluation du français (TEF) which will give you a bonus of 24 for knowing a second language and 30 points for proficiency in the language. That is another 54 points.


4. Work

Work Experience of 3 years or more can gain you points under skills transferability combinations. For those working in Canada on a work permit, you will be rewarded more points each year as long as your work status is legal.


5. Provincial Nominee Program

You can receive up to 600 points under this category if you have received an ITA from a province. The provinces issue nomination to candidates in the Express Entry pool by targeting specific occupation groups.


6. Job Offer

It is a good idea to actively search for jobs in Canada through various online portals if you think your skill is in demand in the country. The value of a qualifying job offer can get you up to 600 points.


Now that you know various factors that increase your CRS score, proactively work on improving it. Careful preparation and assessments can easily get you the score you need to surpass others in the Express Entry Pool.


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