Transitioning from hiring manager to firing manager

You have hired an individual, and in three months you regret that was a mistake. As his/her performance was not that you expected. Does it mean it’s time for the individual to go? Well, who is now responsible to make this decision and convey it in a manner as to not hurt the individual’s feelings.

This is where as a Manager, you must step out and own it up. This is not anything that can be delegated to your other employees or the HR. This is the most difficult task of all in every organization. Now, what is in that creates such a hype? 

Let us delve deep into the intricacies of hiring and firing in style and with ethics.

Organizations make bad hires and it is not advisable to retain them. To be able to build a great organization, Managers must learn to fire with all the ethics needed. You will save the company, your job role, and the individual who might not perform in the current role for days to come. All said, the first step is to give the individual a chance to turn things in a positive way. Observe and check if the results are good enough. 

Now, it is time that you do the litmus test.

  1. Check if the individual is demotivated and motivation can help set things right.
  2. Check if the individual is equipped with the required skills, else, a formal training will help to revive things.
  3. Check if the individual is causing more problems than helping solve them.
  4. Evaluate if the individual’s cultural behavior is causing a barrier.
  5. Check if there is positive or negative feedback from other employees.

Now, the final step is to make the decision and schedule the meeting to discuss the termination. Be firm and calm, kind and empathetic, be realistic and up to the point. Give the individual a smooth exit with all dignity and motivation for the next venture. Tap the right talent, hire well and sleep w

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