Wedding Invitations for NRI

Weddings are always special. If you happen to be an NRI settled overseas then organizing a typical traditional wedding might be a challenge for you. While most of the other wedding related shopping can be done from overseas itself one of the biggest challenge that people used to face is to get a proper wedding invitation card while overseas. Now, if you are organizing a traditional Indian wedding, then naturally you do not want it’s invite to be like a Christian wedding . Well, gone are the days when you had to compromise with your wedding invitation card. Now, thanks to proper Wedding Cards Store in UK you can actually opt for a card depicting your culture and tradition.


So, what kinds of cards can one opt for?


Verses Printed on the cards: If you are looking for Muslim Wedding Invitations then you can opt for nikah invitations with verses of Quran printed inside the card.  These verses can be either printed or embossed on the card making it an absolute delight to look at. You can also make matching small cards for henna ceremony and other marriage functions in order to go for a complete package. You can also opt for elegant designs with Islamic logos on it.


Single Wedding Invites: If you are planning a Tamil Wedding Invitations card then your search for the perfect card ends here. The card makers understand the fact that Tamil weddings are held in a simple manner without much pomp and show and hence, they want their wedding invitation card to also depict the same. Also, the Tamil’s do not believe in wasting money. As a result instead of splurging on 2 different cards – one from the bride’s side and one from the groom’s side, they prefer only one single card. Such simple cards that can be used by both sets of family is available here.


Kankotri wedding Invites: If you are planning a Gujarati Wedding, then you must be looking for a Kankotri. Go for Gujarati Wedding invitations  that depict the true colors of Gujarat. A Gujarati wedding lays a lot of importance on the various traditions. The cards you get in these shops in UK have wedding cards where the wedding rituals and its implications are beautifully explained in both Gujarati as well as English.


Invite with Inserts: If you are planning a Sikh wedding then there will be many occasions or functions leading to the main day. Sikh’s believe in having an extravagant wedding. Their wedding day is preceded by various functions like- Mehendi , Aanand Karaj , Sahib path, Jaago and so on. The cards offered here understand this and offer thematic cards with inserts for every occasion. You can actually opt for wedding cards with Sikh symbols like Ek Onkar and so on. You will get the perfect Sikh Wedding Invitations here.


Whether you are looking for Hindu Wedding Cards or Islamic cards  the best part about these card shops is that you can customize them as per your requirement.


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