Abdul Sattar Edhi The richest poor

The man who denoted his last breath to save humanity

Abdul Sattar Edhi is completely a marvel, a foundation, and will remain a legend. He was an incredibly famous social worker who committed his whole life to serving the poor people beyond borders, cultural, and religious confines. His ambulances are everywhere, and his centers and homes are helping a huge number of people in every city of Pakistan. Edhi was conceived in 1928 at Bantwa, Gujrat in pre-allotment India. His story is inspiring. At eleven years old his mom died. He spent his days and evenings to nurture and gave undeniable efforts to his mom — cleaning, washing, and changing. Be that as it may, the primary experience of hardship led him to become “Hero."


He used to say.


“My mother gave me a penny as my pocket money. I only spent half and the other I gave to the needy one.”


He began his job as a road vendor, offering pencils and matchboxes in Karachi. At that point in 1951, he opened a simple dispensary in Karachi's poor area of Mithadar where he started helping the poor by giving his wages. He worked consistently soon he became famous in the city and country due to his simplicity and generosity. Currently, his son is the head of the organization that comprises of ambulances, facilities, maternity homes, havens, homes for the physically and rationally impaired, blood donation centers, tortured ladies, and children. The whole set-up is easily running by about 7000 volunteers and a paid staff of educators, specialists and medical attendants.

In 1966 he married Bilquis, a medical caretaker by calling in one of his dispensaries. Both have had little training, yet solid will and determination empowered them to run an organization on country level. So without the fear of challenges, Abdus Sattar Edhi became a universal social worker. He raised his voice against any cruel action against humanity no matter it was a local issue or a matter of international level, he helped the people beyond religious boundaries. The team of his ambulances has saved several lives either it was a major accident or a little clash, he never refused to anyone. After the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, he gave $100,000 to Pakistanis in New York who had lost their jobs.


Edhi foundation assists people in earthquakes, floods, or any other emergency. The emphasis is on the long path of restoration of the poor in the country. The management of the organization has an instructive plan, which manages to peruse, educating, preparing medical store and send doctors’ team to the most destructive areas. It gives accidental transportation to more than one million people yearly. On the national level, there are 250 Edhi Centers. Eidhi Foundation owns 20,000 infants; 40,000 qualified attendants and 50,000 widows are housed in Edhi Homes. One million children have been conveyed in Edhi Maternity homes. Eidhi Foundation has 3500 laborers, and a huge number of volunteers have been creating its assets from gifts of individuals with no assistance of the Government. Edhi’s efforts are remarkable to remove poverty from Pakistan. It is truly stunning that the Edhi Foundation spends $10-million each year and the charity is given by the local and foreign citizens. The Edhi foundation refuses to take any assistance from the Government subsequently keeping up its freedom. In the 1980's, the point at which Pakistan's then-President Zia-ul-Haq offered him a check for 500,000 rupees, Edhi refused to accept it. At the point when the Italian government offered him a million-dollar gift, he didn't engage it saying "Governments set conditions that I can't acknowledge,"


The man with an extraordinary cause very perceived by the world was given Nishan-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 1989.


Author:Khizar Hayat


The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature



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