Main Attractions in Venice Italy

For all travelers, the city of Venice is the "queen of the Adriatic", condemned to an eternal beauty that keeps it unalterable even with the passage of time. Venice is the romantic city not to be missed for couples and why not, for lovers of life and those who seek to enjoy good times.

Every year in its streets and canals, millions of tourists come looking for tourist attractions in Venice, a city that receives them with a show of incredible landscapes and a varied cultural offer that includes music, architecture, art and tradition impossible to find elsewhere . Next we will present you the tourist attractions in Venice Italy that you can visit.

Things to do and tourist attractions in Venice the Queen of the Adriatic

1.Plaza de San Marcos is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, it has a strategic location from which you can visit the most important buildings in Venice.

2.Basilica de San Marcos built in the 11th century is a masterpiece of the Byzantine era that stands as one of the most spectacular and internationally acclaimed cathedrals. Duration 1 hour.

3. Ducal Palace built from the tenth to eleventh century is an imposing presence in the city being a masterpiece of Gothic. In addition to attracting attention by changing its hue to reflect light on its surface. Currently destined to be one of the most important museums in Venice you can count on a private or guided tour. Duration 1 hour.

4.Palace Ca' d'Oro Built from 1442 at the request of the procurator San Marcos Marino Contarini is now a museum that demonstrates the transition from Gothic to Renaissance. Duration 1-2 hours.


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