Modern Indian Bride With Her Makeup Artist Brushup by Vanshika

BrushUp by Vanshika is a makeup academy that offers makeup courses in Gurgaon. With a closely-knit community of makeup artists, we at BrushUp by Vanshika ensure you get the best makeup artist in gurgaon for your wedding day. You can reach out to us and we will help you choose a makeup artist for a budget and look of your choice. Our expert panel of in-house makeup artists, as well as our vast network of freelance makeup artists, makes us a name to reckon with in the makeup industry. Our expert makeup artists can help you and your family members personalize a look for every event of your wedding and make it even more special. You’ve found your perfect match for life, now let’s find you your perfect match (read makeup artist) for the wedding!


Weddings often have a long list of to-do things and for every bride, her makeup artist is on top of that list. A makeup artist can literally make or break the wedding day for the bride. It is essential for the makeup artist to make the bride look like the best version of herself on this very special day that marks a new beginning for her. Keeping this in mind, the makeup should reflect the bride’s personality, complement her outfit, and stay put throughout the ceremony and photographs. The makeup should strike the perfect balance between what works for the occasion and what works for the bride as an individual.


An ideal way to go about it is by focusing on the final look and then planning out the makeup and hairstyle accordingly. Your look defines who you are. You can choose to go traditional, or try what’s trending, or find a mid-way between the two. What’s most important is that the makeup should make you look like the best version of yourself. A good makeup artist will keep all this in mind and make sure to pick products that suit your skin type and ensure your makeup lasts till the photographers get tired. It is also the job of the makeup artist to ensure that the makeup isn’t cakey or overdone, yet exclusive in order to make the bride stand out in the crowd.


We understand that choosing a makeup artist can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are not a makeup expert yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind, if you are searching for a makeup artist in Delhi-NCR:


Make sure that your makeup artist has attended a professional makeup artist course in Gurgaon or elsewhere from a reputed academy.


Ensure that she has attended a beauty makeup certification course or has done an advanced makeup course in Gurgaon or Delhi.


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