Tips and Tricks To Write An Article

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Write Articles


Articles are easy to deliver information to a specific group of people on a particular subject. It covers all the facts and details about the subject in an informative, light and easy tone to help the reader to understand it easily.

But many people can’t differentiate between a blog post and an article. Many people confuse between these two terms. The basic difference between the two types of content writing is the style of writing and way of communication with the readers.

The blog is usually written in the first person and mostly consists of personal facts, reviews or understanding of the product. Whereas, an article is fact based, written after doing research on the relevant topic and usually written using a second and third form of grammar.

So, if you still confused about the basic elements of writing an article, this guide might help you. There are a lot of free articles samples available on the internet to help you with the basic information about the article, but only a few of them discuss the details of article submission and shape.

Elements of Article:

An article has many elements to start with. The article is composed of a proper beginning and ending like an essay. Each element is unique and should be defined separately.

• Title: The first and foremost important element of any article is its title. What topic have you selected to write about? What information is provided in the article is all explained through the title.

Introduction: The second thing that comes after the title is the introduction regarding the title. Briefly, define your topic and the way to approach to the conclusions of the topic.

Main Body: As obvious, the main body is the most detailed and finely written element of an article. All the information regarding the topic is written in this part.

References/ Quotations: The references/ quotations are also included in the main body. References are usually written separately at the end of the article but can be included in the main body.

Conclusion: This is the part of the article where the writer sums up his topic and defines the result/ conclusion of the relevant product of topic he was writing about. This element is also short and precise.

Basics of writing:

The basic thing to keep in mind is the topic. If your topic is broad, don’t forget to make it narrower for providing enough relevant information to the readers. Don’t indulge too many things in one topic. Practice free article writing and submit your articles on online available forums to get reviews from readers.

Based on above information about an article, you can write, edit and submit any article. There are many online forums and portals that are providing free material to practice article writing.

Practice how to write an article, write free articles available on online forums, edit free samples and make yourself a professional writer. Submit your articles to the portal and start working as a freelancer to enhance your writing skills.

Author:Khizar Hayat


The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature


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