Top Rules Android Developers Must Follow During App Development

In his book The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Frederick Brooks cited the many joys of programming. The joy of creating something is given more meaning when it’s useful to others. Experienced Android application developers would agree with Brooks when he describes the pleasure of belonging to a constantly-evolving industry, where learning is continuous, as well as one that uses a combination of logic and imagination.

The author goes on to mention that the highly-flexible nature of the medium affords the creation of “grand conceptual structures” and the ability to view the different outcomes.

Android application developers may easily relate to all these fun aspects. This is one operating system that offers a dynamic and powerful backdrop to create highly functional apps with innovative features. Such apps can create immense value for our daily lives, be it our personal or work life.

Android app developers have the opportunity to convert unique ideas into working solutions, having the potential for huge success. And, this is the reason there’s such high demand for Android app developers for hire.

Of course, Android application development involves a lot more than coming up with a brilliant idea. Here are eight rules that the most successful Android application developers tend to live by.

Rule #1: Pay Attention to Visual Appeal

Rule #2: Avoid Getting Carried Away with Technology

Rule #3: Write Easy to Understand Codes

Rule #4: Conduct Frequent App Testing

Rule #5: Security Should be Your Prime Focus

Rule #6: Ensure Pristine App Content

Rule #7: Listen to Users

Rule #8: Aim at Providing a Great App Experience

Read detailed rules at Rules Android Developers Must Follow


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