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Types of Edibles at the Dispensary

Even when Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, we still had a wait a bit longer to see cannabis extracts and edibles to follow suit. Today, edibles have become an incredibly popular method of consumption. You will find different kinds of edibles at online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries, ranging from flavoured candies to baked goods. You can take your pick from a wide array of delicious snacks and food items all made with cannabis — to experience pleasant and euphoric effects.

Check out the most popular types of edibles available in dispensaries in Canada today:




Gummies are perhaps the most popular type of edibles in many dispensaries. You can buy gummies with only THC, only CBD, or a combination of both. Gummies are colorful, tasty and fun. They come precisely dosed, making sure your experience is both a predictable and delicious one.



A warm and gooey chocolate chip mixed with a bit of cannabis makes for a winning combination. Cookies are accessible to a broad group of people. Just about any cookie can be made into a THC-rich one. Therefore you can find so many of your favorite for sale at Canadian dispensaries. Think peanut butter THC cookies, double chocolate chip cookies, and much, much, more.



A classic cannabis edible, many people turn to brownies because it is what they are familiar with. After all, mainstream television and Hollywood movies talk about weed brownies all the time! When done right, this type of edible is exceptionally delicious and potent.




Chocolates allow for easier micro-dosing for consumers who are not fans of the potency of brownies. Generally, chocolates contain lower THC doses, making them a good starting point for newbies. Check the label first, though, because sometimes they may have more than 100 mg of THC per package. Another benefit to chocolates? They are discreet! You just have to make sure to keep them out of children's reach.



One of the sweeter edibles available in dispensaries, candies are made with butter, corn syrup, food colouring and cannabis. The result is hard candies that are easy to carry and deliver consistent results. You can consume them like any other kind of candy while getting your desired cannabis effects.



It is easy to love truffles, so it is not a surprise that we can buy them infused with cannabis now. Truffles infused with cannabis can be dibbed or covered with nuts, sugar, sprinkles or chocolate. These edibles make for a great holiday treat, so they are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or other special celebrations.



For those who are into the idea of discreetly carrying and consuming an edible whenever and wherever they feel like it, chews are their best bet. Chews like caramels and taffies replicate the feel of candies that generations have been buying from local corner stores. But this time, they come with a perfect dose of medicine.



Aside from giving you the cannabis effect that you desire, mints can also freshen your breath. They are not as popular as the other types of edibles, but the underrated mints can be easily kept in your purse or pocket. Mints do not melt like chocolates and offer even more discretion.

Baked goods:


A wide range of baked goodies may be infused with cannabis, including cupcakes, granola bars, wafers, and many more. They are not as popular as the other cannabis edible options, but you might want to consider them if you are throwing a themed celebration or just want to mix things up.


Keep in mind that the psychoactive effects of cannabis edibles can be stronger than you think, so you should start slow and go slow. You might find it hard to control the amount of THC you consume, especially when the amount can vary from one edible product to another. Make sure that you first carefully read the label to determine if you should eat an entire handful, a piece or two, just one bite, or the whole thing.


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