How to secure your database for responsive web application?

Databases are the much-needed assets for every website and mobile application. With secure storage systems, every company can efficiently manage all the datasets without affecting other processes. Some of the companies take services from a reliable database management company in India to overcome all the problems.


When you have a single server application which is connected with several databases then it is necessary to optimize their performance. Here are the few tips to make your database management system more secure and accessible:


  • Account Setup passwords


For every database login from the admin section, there should login details assigned to developers or other management personal. Whether the employees want to access the server for a single query or handle different data sets, you should make sure to setup strong passwords. Moreover, during the setup of accounts make sure that they are responding well to the application. Users shouldn’t get any delay while accessing any data through these programs. And if the databases are managed properly then your applications will respond quickly.


  • Server Optimization


Upgrading servers with the latest tools and technologies will help your applications to fetch data from the databases quickly. Server basically needs a good connection through cloud services. If the connection is strong between applications and servers then users will experience better interaction with your applications. Moreover, optimization of the server requires good connectivity and less-complex queries. In that cases, strings attached to back-end should be implemented properly to avoid any delay in response. Managing all these aspects will help to optimize server performance.


While you update the server, you will also optimize its security level for better protection of huge data-sets. This will create an additional layer of data security and users will able to access the databases efficiently.


  • Installing Patch files


Patch files generally include the location of the data present in separate databases. With the help of these files, users won’t access content from the server directly, but go to the exact location where they reside. As a result, back-end will respond more quickly as the load will be less. Moreover, the security will also remain effective throughout the accessibility of these databases. Without any impact on other operations, these patch files will lead users directly to the asking content in the databases.


  • Encryption of sensitive data


Encryption is another method of keeping your files safe in the databases. It will have two advantages for database management admins:


1. It will save more space for better multitasking

2.It will keep files secure, no matter how big they are.


Moreover, the file sharing among allowed users will become flexible through simple login or authenticated access. This won’t affect the security levels implemented to your databases and keep the machine running effectively.


  • Limiting Users


When you database is accessible to more users then there might be an opportunity of data leakage or redundancy. This will affect the safety of sensitive data, which might impact server responses as well. To restrict the access to the databases, you must limit their activities that connects with the server directly.


In order to achieve this objective, set permissions to the locations which shouldn’t be accessed frequently. Secondly, you must assign only specific users to access particular data-sets that are linked to your applications.


3 Awesome benefits you should consider before you hire a developer for

We have seen that there is a quick development in the product development and IT industry. The fundamental purpose of these headway is the accessibility of various kinds of instant and open source assets. With the assistance of most recent web development innovation, it is presently workable for business visionaries to give a lift to their start-up and become effective inside a brief span interim. In this way, in this respects, .net development is the most prominent and generally utilized site development innovation by a few organizations in their different projects.

In this way, on the off chance that you are a business visionary or as of now site creating organization and attempting to discover a developer for .net development for the execution of different projects for your specialty business, at that point you can hire a developer from a perfect .net development organization who have the most recent information about the on-going business sector patterns. It is the main decision for each business to pick .net development since it is simple, well known and quick site development innovation.


Along these lines, in the event that you hire offshore developers, at that point, it very well may be executed to them with the goal that they can create anything from a corporate site to a few mobile applications dependent on your specialty project necessities. You can hire a developer for either full-time or low maintenance relying on the finishing of your few projects for your specialty business prerequisites.

In this way, presently, we will talk about different advantages which you ought to consider before you hire offshore developers for .net development in your specialty business.


1) A developer must have aptitudes and ability in .net development


This is the primary bit of leeway numerous organizations are searching for when they hire a developer. They will hire a developer who is profoundly talented and aptitude in their field just as in .net innovation. The principal purpose for it is that the abilities and aptitude of the in-house developer of any organizations are frequently gets restricted because of their absence of presentation to the most recent market patterns. Along these lines, in this respects, on the off chance that you hire a dedicated developer, then again, will chip away at an assortment of projects by understanding exceptional issues and inquiries dependent on your project necessities. This will in a roundabout way to help them to sparkle up their abilities and henceforth offer you better outcomes contrasted with an in-house developer.

Read more here: 3 Awesome benefits you should consider before you hire a developer for .Net development


Oracle Database Administrator

Database or simply DB is an organized and structured collection of information which can be to efficiently retrieved, updated and analyzed.  A simple VB code, C, excel or notepad cannot manage large number of users and files. Also easy extraction, backup and restoration of data is not possible with this approach. To counter this limitation Oracle has come up with Oracle database or Oracle RDBMS.


It is the relational database management system. The main objective of this is to store, manage and retrieve information efficiently to deliver high performance. It is also termed as RDBMS or simply Oracle.


What is Oracle DBA?


It is the relational database management system. The main objective of this is to store, manage and retrieve information efficiently to deliver high performance. It is also termed as RDBMS or simply Oracle.

Oracle consists of various software mechanisms to achieve maximized data concurrency, high performance for maximum productivity for multi users in database environment.


Some of the key features of Oracle DBA are:


Database administration is not a task of single person, but handled by a group of specialists


The first ever database suitable for enterprise grid computing works on grid-based architecture.



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RSS Feeds For WhatsApp a fast Guide For Businesses

RSS feeds are simple files submitted to feed directories that will allow subscribers to view updated content almost instantly. Up until now, RSS feeds have been actively used by businesses and marketers to update users on any new content surfacing on the website using an Aggregator that alerts users on any changes that go up on the RSS feed.

RSS feeds are a boon, twofold. Not only do RSS feeds help build backlinks and improve SEO, but they are a great way to have user be in complete control of the content they view and be engaged with the same.

As the times have evolved and so have processes, and marketers wonder if there is an advanced means of sharing RSS feeds with users. The answer is, Yes. And the solution is RSS feeds for WhatsApp.

As a business, sending an RSS feed to your subscribers is no rocket science. All it takes is a WhatsApp Business account, and FlockCast to actively send out constant updates and meaningful content to your subscribers via WhatsApp.


  • Step 1: The WhatsApp API link will urge people to enter their phone number to a WhatsApp business account.
  • Step 2: Once the number is added, the chatbot will request a confirmation to start sharing updates
  • Step 3: On receiving a confirmation, you will be now sent RSS feed updates straight to your phone.

Imagine being a business and constantly using this feature to help your users stay updated with meaningful content updates.

FlockCast ensures the RSS feeds are:

  • 1. GDPR Compliant - with end-to-end encryption
  • 2. Constant - always available for your customers
  • 3. Convenient - less hassle for you and your consumers

Interested in getting the WhatsApp RSS feed?


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Chanderi Silk Sarees is a Perfect Drape For Mesmerizing Indian Beauty

When we talk about ethnic fabrics, we cannot miss talking about chanderi fabric. It’s lightweight, fine texture and luxurious feel makes it one of the most desired drapes among-st women of all ages. Buy Chanderi silk sarees are produced by weaving silk threads and golden zari over a traditional cotton yarn. It is this exclusive weaving method by which they get their shimmering texture and luxurious feel. Chanderi sarees not only make a good choice for light weight summer dressing but it is also an impeccable selection for ceremonious dressing such as wedding and puja.


Origin of Chanderi Sarees!


Chanderi borrows its name from a small village Chanderi in north of Madhya Pradesh. It is in this village where weavers used special techniques to produce beautiful hand spun yarn of Chanderi.


You will find many tales narrating origin of Chanderi fabric. There is no denial of the fact that chanderi fabric has adorned many kings and queens in the past. According to a tale, origin of chanderi fabric goes back to Vedic period where it is believed to be found by cousin of Shri Krishna, Shishupal.


Though royal family of Scindia patronised chanderi sarees in 1910 and it is this time when use of golden zari motifs began in the designing of chanderi sarees. In 19030 when weavers of Chanderi village learned Japanese weaving technique, they started replacing cotton warps with silk warps and this is how chanderi silk sarees came into existence.


What makes chanderi silk sarees different from other ethnic drapes available!

Your mind will definitely get bowled when you check exclusive chanderi saree collection in big online stores. But the question is what makes chanderi sarees different and unique from other ethnic drapes available to us.


The most unique feature of Chanderi fabric which differentiates it from other fabrics is its transparency or sheer texture. In production of chanderi fabric, glue is not removed from the raw yarn. This phenomenon of non-degumming renders shine and transparency to the final product. Use of single Flature quality of yarn in making of chanderi fabric contributes to its transparency and sheer texture.


Motifs and colour palate!

Weavers coat various motifs on chanderi fabric using gold, silver and copper threads. These motifs are woven using needles and separate needles are used making different motifs. Motifs are usually nature inspired and includes designs like swans, gold coins, heavenly bodies, fruits and mehandi adorned hands.


Soft pastel hues rule the colour palate of chanderi silk sarees. With changing times, weaver are also experimenting with rich, vibrant colour schemes in the sarees.


Chanderi Sarees- Fashion connect!

Since time unmemorable, chanderi sarees have been used in making traditional sarees and salwar kameez. Modern designers are using their creativity to create fusion of traditional and modern weaving techniques and produce chanderi indo-western dresses, tops and tunics.


To check exquisite and elegant chanderi sarees online, log in to It has got some of the most beautiful pieces ideal to be a part of your saree exclusive saree collection.


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